Provin Technos comes with two machines, unique service concept and a JV to PrintPack India 2019

Team Provin with team members of Miyakoshi at India Expo Center and Mart, Greater Noida — A day before the PrintPack 2019 exhibition . Photo: The Packman

On the eve of the PrintPack India 2019 exhibition, Provin held a press conference where it gave a demo of the two machines – RMGT 920 ST-620 ST-6 plus coater UV press and Miyakoshi Intermittent narrow web offset press MLP-13C 5 color with two flexo units – to be displayed at the event. In addition to the demonstration of the two presses, Provin also highlighted its performance over the years and addition of new products to its business.

Vinay Kaushal, director, Provin Technos, said, “The importance of the Indian print market can be understood from the fact that we have 23 guests from Japan for the show consisting of top management of all the companies that we represent.”

Team Provin with team members of Techno Roll Japan at India Expo Center and Mart, Greater Noida — A day before the PrintPack 2019 exhibition. Photo: The Packman

Speaking about the Miyakoshi Intermittent narrow web offset press MLP-13C, Kaushal said, “It can run at speeds similar to flexo press and deliver much better quality. This is a pure offset machine with coating units which are based on flexo technology. We have machines which can run at 50 meter, 70 meter, 100 meter and 120 meter per minute. The Miyakoshi narrow web press that we installed last year at Pragati runs at 100 meter per minute.”

Meanwhile, the RMGT press can run various substrates, such as paper, boards, MetPET and plastics up to 0.6mm. Kaushal said, “The RMGT 920 ST-620 press is the most preferred size machine in India for its quality and productivity because of its various unique features.”

Joint venture with Japan-based Techno Roll
At the press conference, Provin also announced its joint venture with Techno Roll Japan for manufacturing high quality PU and NBR rollers for all kinds of printing machines in the India market. Kaushal said, “ We are setting up a joint venture company with Techno Roll Japan under the name of Techno Roll-Provin India Pvt. Ltd. We expect the new company to be operational by October 2019.” Japan-based Techno Roll was established in 1979 and has five manufacturing units in Japan.

Unique service concept – Smart Glass
Provin will also showcase for the first time a unique service concept called ‘Smart Glass’. “This unique innovation was introduced by RMGT during IGAS 2018 last year and India becomes the first country where it will be demonstrated and subsequently implemented,” said Kaushal. “With the implementation of this concept, our customers will be able to get real-time service support by getting connected to our service support server using a device. The device is capable of transferring live feed with data transfer and on the spot notes based on which back-end engineers can provide expert advice to the customer.”