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Guidelines for submitting press releases

When providing press releases to us, it’s important to follow certain guidelines to increase the chances of your news being picked up and published. Here are some basic guidelines to keep in mind:

Accuracy and newsworthiness: Ensure that your press release is accurate and contains information that is genuinely newsworthy. Your story should interest our readers, so make sure your content is relevant and timely.

Formatting and length: Use a standard press release format. The layout typically includes a headline, date, location, introduction, body paragraphs, and a boilerplate (a brief company description). Keep it concise and to the point, typically between 300 to 450 words.

Avoid overuse of capital letters and exclamation marks: Excessive use of capital letters and exclamation marks can make the press release seem unprofessional and should be avoided.

Catchy headline: The headline should summarize the key point of your press release and entice the reader to continue.

Lead paragraph: The first paragraph of your press release is crucial. It should answer the “who, what, when, where, why, and how” of your story. This is where you hook the reader and provide the essential information.

Quote from a relevant source: Include a quote from someone relevant to the news you are sharing. This could be a company executive, a customer, or an industry expert. Quotes add credibility and human interest to the press release.

Provide facts and data: Back up your claims with facts, figures, and data. This helps support the newsworthiness of your announcement and lends credibility to your story.

Avoid jargon and hype: Keep the language clear, concise, and easy to understand. Avoid industry jargon or excessive promotional language. Stick to the facts and focus on the story.

Contact information: Include contact information at the end of the press release. This should include the name, phone number, and email address of someone who can respond to media inquiries.

Multimedia elements: Always include an image that complements your press release. High-quality visuals can make your story more appealing to our readers. Share the image as a separate file in jpeg/png format. Please note that press releases without relevant images (attached as a separate file in jpeg/png format) are unlikely to be accepted.

Edited or post-edited images: Any images that have been edited to include slogans, visions, missions, taglines, logos, texts, or any other post-edited elements or texts are prohibited. Press releases associated with such images will be withheld from publication.

Exclusivity and embargoes: If you are offering an exclusive story or under embargo until a certain date, clearly state this in your press release and communicate the terms to us.

Avoid spamming: Refrain from spamming with multiple press releases in a short period.

Please bear in mind that sending a press release does not guarantee coverage. We kindly request that you focus on making your story compelling, newsworthy, and well-presented to increase the likelihood of it being picked up by us. We appreciate your efforts and look forward to considering your submission.

Please submit your press release to