Monday, May 27, 2024

Automation Studio CoPilot – AI companion for B&R software

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In today’s industrial landscape, software is getting more and more powerful to help machine developers. The newly released Automation Studio 6 introduces CoPilot which helps with the creation of machine software in languages like Structure Text, C and C++. At the click of a button, engineers can leverage the power of generative AI to generate and optimize code. The system is designed to integrate effortlessly with B&R’s existing libraries and conventions, so there’s no learning curve. The result will have a significant reduction in manual coding that frees up engineers to focus on more creative problem-solving and rapid prototyping.

Time-to-market is an essential metric for any business, especially in the rapidly evolving machine automation industry. CoPilot empowers developers to manage increasingly complex systems efficiently. It simplifies workflows and reduces time to market for new machines, providing a substantial competitive edge to help machine builders lead in competitive markets. Code quality is another critical focus area for machine builders, and that’s where CoPilot’s automated code commenting and optimization features come into play. The software intuitively annotates code, improving both readability and long-term maintainability. With clearly structured, well-commented code, CoPilot makes collaboration more efficient, helping teams spend less time troubleshooting and more time innovating.

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