Komori at Print China 2019

Komori Corporation recently announced that it will be showcasing its innovative, productivity based solutions under the theme Innovate to Create at the upcoming Print China 2019. The Print China exhibition which will be held from 9-13 April at the Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center is sponsored by Printing Equipment Industries Association of China (PEIAC).

Under the theme Innovate to Create at Print China 2019, Komori will show its commitment to becoming the business partner of customers who will be capable of improving their margins and increasing their productivity through the technologies and solutions presented in the Komori stand. Based on the concept Innovate to Create, Komori will create new value with customers through state-of-the-art technologies that will lead the way in the next generation of print. Komori will present solutions that answer customer issues, starting with KP-Connect, which currently connects nearly 300 machines and provides visualization of production status such as operating conditions and operating totals.

In addition to KP-Connect Pro, a middleware that connects processes, enabling digital control of all printing processes by means of a simple scheduler function and a function providing real-time visualization of production results, Komori will also Lithrone G40 H-UV/H-UV L(LED)-equipped 7-color 40-inch offset printing press with in-line coater. Designed with Komori’s dedication to precision manufacturing, the G40 ensures high quality print with unsurpassed productivity. Manufactured with Komori’s laser focus on the environment, the Lithrone G40 promotes green printing by reducing consumable and energy usage and lowering the carbon footprint of print. With Komori’s new KHS-AI technology at its core, the Lithrone G40 is nothing other than the ultimate high performance printing machine. Fusion of the KHS-AI integrated control system and the H-UV/H-UV L (LED) system shortens makeready time, cuts paper waste, and reduces printing time to the utmost while maintaining the high print quality and high productivity that are characteristic of offset printing. Both ultimate short-run competence and short job cycle times are achieved.

At the event, Komori will also display Lithrone G37 H-UV L (LED)-equipped 4-color 37-inch offset printing press. The 37-inch press with a 640 x 940 mm maximum sheet size allows it to cope with full-size jobs. Equipped with H-UV L (LED) curing for fast print drying, this press has the power to address the full span of requirements in the publishing and commercial printing segments on both light and heavy stocks. Since color management can be implemented by including a CMS color bar on the sheet margin even with 8-up A4 or US letter size impositions, this machine is ideal for producing high page-count products with high print quality.

Another product on display will be the Impremia IS29 29-inch sheetfed UV inkjet digital printing system. The digital press offers high print quality with an output resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi and is capable of printing a completely different image on each sheet without using plates. Capable of printing on a wide range of papers, from light to heavy stocks, this machine can print on offset paper without any precoating. Equipped with a sheet perfecting mechanism that uses offset manufacturing technology and a UV inkjet system with LED-UV curing system, this superior digital production machine is able to perform one-pass double-sided printing with fast print drying and high front-back register precision.

Under the K-Supply brand name, Komori offers a lineup of special consumables, materials and equipment that are standard for Komori presses. K-Supply is not just consumables but also printing supplies for high print quality and performance developed with Komori Graphic Technology Center (KGC) know-how. All exhibit presses will use K-Supply products such as K-Supply ink, dampening solution and blankets that are standard Komori materials offering high-level print quality, versatility and economical performance ideal for H-UV printing.

At the exhibition site, new K-Supply products and service products based on three themes – productivity improvement, operation and performance enhancement, and energy saving and environmental solutions – will be shown. Proposals and products meeting the requests of customers, including case studies of retrofitting existing machines with the latest technologies, will be introduced.