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White Print O Pack installs Heidelberg CX 104 6-color press

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L to R: Vidya Sagar Dewan, Amit Gera, Gaurav Dewan, and Rahul Dewan

White Print O Pack, a prominent packaging solution-providing company serving the pharmaceutical industry in the Baddi region of Himachal Pradesh, has significantly bolstered its printing capabilities with the installation of a cutting-edge Heidelberg CX 104 6-color press with coater. The new press has been installed at the company’s Baddi facility.

Established in 2004, White Print O Pack has been diligently meeting the escalating demands of pharmaceutical companies in the area. The company is jointly owned by a team of four partners, including the Dewan family based in Delhi, who oversee the marketing and financial aspects of the printing firm. Amit Gera, situated locally, is responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations and production.

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Rahul Dewan, the company’s CFO and the youngest member of the team, expressed tremendous excitement about the newly installed Heidelberg press. He said, “Our long-standing aspiration has been to incorporate a Heidelberg machine into our production lineup, recognizing it as the gold standard equipment in our sector. Heidelberg presented us with an irresistible offer, encompassing cutting-edge technology. After carefully evaluating alternatives such as Komori, manroland, and, of course, KBA, Heidelberg emerged as the preferred choice due to our strong desire for a brand-new Heidelberg machine and the outstanding technological value it offers.”

Harish Gogia, cluster sales head – North & East, Heidelberg India, explained, “The CX series combines the mechanical strengths of the CD, originally designed for the packaging sector, with an expanded substrate size of 104 cms, as well as the advanced coating technology employed in the XL series.”

Presently, White Print O Pack has the capacity to efficiently handle substrates ranging from 180 to 400 gsm boards and is equipped with in-house post-press and pre-press facilities. Gera said, “The Bobst die-cutter and the Kodak process-free CtP have already set us on the right path, and the addition of the Heidelberg CX 104 will further streamline our processes.” Additionally, their in-house capabilities for foiling, embossing, and UV embellishments make White Print O Pack a self-sufficient operation, serving as a one-stop-shop for their clientele.

Gaurav Dewan, chief marketing officer of White Print O Pack, commended Heidelberg not only for providing top-notch technology but also for its robust presence in India, backed by an extensive service team. He highlighted, “We have always believed that after-sales service is as crucial as any other factor when selecting machines for our production floor. Heidelberg’s service network ensures minimal machine downtime, whether for maintenance or acquiring spare parts.”

“The printing industry is a service-oriented field, and it’s our commitment to understand our customers’ challenges and offer them cost-effective, environmentally sustainable solutions. This approach has been our guiding principle, and it has served both us and our customers well over the years,” said Gaurav.

White Print O Pack achieved a turnover of over 36 crores in the last fiscal year and anticipates reaching approximately 50 crores in the upcoming term. “For the next fiscal year, we aim to reach a turnover of about 70-75 crores,” revealed Rahul.

“Trust, transparency, and on-time delivery are the core principles that White Print O Pack has adhered to, and this has been our foundation,” said Gaurav. Meeting reasonable pricing demands is an ongoing challenge for printers in the pharmaceutical industry.

In response to this challenge, Amit Gera has a straightforward solution. He explained, “Pricing is another factor driving our choice of a new Heidelberg, despite the significant capital investment. In today’s competitive market, every saved rupee is a rupee earned. To provide products at a competitive price, we must enhance efficiency, productivity, and simultaneously reduce waste. Heidelberg is the answer to all these aspects.”

In addition to their Baddi facility, the partners of White Print O Pack also operate another unit in Siliguri that serves the pharmaceutical industry with both offset and gravure infrastructure. The company is also in the process of establishing a gravure unit in Baddi in the near future. They maintain an office in Gurgaon to centralize and coordinate the group’s activities. While 99% of their customer base is in the pharmaceutical industry, they have recently begun exploring opportunities to serve the eCommerce, food, and cosmetic markets from their Gurgaon office.

Manash Das
Manash Das
Manash Das is associate editor at The Packman. He has been contributing editorially to The Packman since 2016.

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