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UFlex’s Dharwad plant inauguration marks a new era for packaging films in South India

Sustainable BOPET and CPP films at Hiplex exhibition

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Ashish Saxena, joint president, Packaging Films Business, UFlex with the packaging films team at Hiplex International Plastics Expo 2023

UFlex Packaging Films Business presented its comprehensive range of BOPET and CPP films at the Hiplex exhibition. Noteworthy among them is a PET film containing recycled content, reflecting its commitment to sustainability by incorporating post-consumer recycled PET. Additionally, the company introduced a biodegradable film leveraging the power of enzyme technology.

Another pivotal motive for UFlex’s participation in the exhibition was to highlight its newly inaugurated facility in Dharwad, Karnataka, in the southern part of the country. This strategic expansion empowers UFlex to effectively address the needs of South India and further reinforces its market presence.

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“The Dharwad plant was commissioned in March 2023 and has a state-of-the-art 10.6-meter BOPET line, capable of yielding an annual output of 45,000 metric tonnes. Additionally, a six-meter CPP line is also established, facilitating the production of films amounting to 18,000 tonnes per year,” said Ashish Saxena, joint president, UFlex Films Business. The introduction of the new CPP and BOPET lines in Dharwad has contributed to a notable 22% YoY surge in sales volume in Q1 2023.

During the exhibition, the company also showcased its latest advancement in transparent barrier films called the ECOPET, ULP and XLP range where it is using a proprietary coating technology. Utilizing an exclusive coating technology, UFlex has achieved the creation of transparent barriers that match or even surpass alternatives like ALOx, EVOH or PVDC coating. This innovation enables numerous food companies to exhibit their products in transparent packaging, ensuring excellent visibility while delivering exceptional oxygen barrier properties for extended shelf life. In addition, the company also showcased its environmentally friendly and recyclable heat-sealable and peelable film. This heat-sealable and peelable film (F-WSP) is an excellent mono-material solution (PET based) for use as a lidding film on APET & RPET containers. It is sealed using heat and can be effortlessly peeled open without facing the hassles of spillage of food contents.

Speaking about UFlex’s unmatched R&D infrastructure to fulfill unique requirements, Saxena said, “Our strong enthusiasm for research and development, coupled with substantial investments, is at the disposal of our customers. If they are seeking novel applications or have specific needs, our exceptional infrastructure, and cutting-edge R&D resources, including pilot lines, are at their service. With a three-layer pilot line, a biodegradability lab, and our polymer compounding facility, we can explore diverse resin combinations and alloys. Our extensive infrastructure is primed to provide robust support for fostering innovation through research and development.”

Net-zero emissions by 2035

“We have seamlessly integrated sustainability into our corporate strategy at UFlex, driven by an ambitious target of achieving net-zero emissions by 2035. Working toward this goal, we are actively striving to enhance the incorporation of recycled content in our production processes. Our portfolio proudly encompasses a robust selection of sustainable films, a notable example being the Asclepius brand, which features a film comprising up to 100% recycled content.

“Furthermore, our ongoing efforts extend to the establishment of recycling infrastructure. Notably, we have had a recycling plant at our Noida facility for close to three decades, adept at recycling both rigid plastics and laminate waste from both consumers and industrial processes. We have further expanded this initiative to Poland and Mexico, where we have set up similar post-consumer recycled units,” said Saxena.

Mahan Hazarika
Mahan Hazarika
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