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Uflex’s brand Asepto to showcase visually stunning holographic innovation excellence at Pro2Pac

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Ashwani Kumar Sharma, president and CEO, new business initiatives, Uflex Limited

To introduce the concept of new-age aseptic liquid packaging to the needs of the European packaging market, Uflex Limited – India’s largest fully integrated multinational flexible packaging materials and solutions company – is going to showcase its packaging prowess at Pro2Pack London 2019, the UK to be held during 18-20 March.

The aseptic packaging has redefined the beverage packaging, in addition to overpowering products materials that can actually be used for a variety of visual display, adding more power to brand differentiation on the shelves. In this light, aseptic beverage has become far more critical in terms of its nature and ‘Asepto’ is right at the forefront of ‘Liquid Packaging’.

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Talking about the decision for participating in the event for the first time, Ashwani Kumar Sharma, president and CEO, new business initiatives, Uflex Limited, said, “It is an innovation brand and the EU has not been exposed to this kind of a packaging option. Considering the excitement Asepto has generated in the packaging industry in our part of the world, it was pertinent for us to take the next step to move on to another continent. The EU is a great potential market for Asepto.”

Uflex has outlined a well-defined plan to showcase the features of Asepto packaging. Sharma said, “We would like to highlight the unseen Asepto holographic excellence in the European packaging market through the Pro2Pack 2019 exhibition. Asepto holographic innovation has all the capabilities to strengthen the market share of beverage and dairy manufacturers around the world, especially large markets like Europe.”

The critical facets that the company wishes to highlight would distinguish Asepto from its contemporaries, especially for its ability to transform brands aesthetically. Within Asepto, the Spark and Premium brands would displayed for their novel holographic, multi-lens and embossing effects that can help companies achieve myriad possibilities for brand differentiation. Aseptic brick packs, for example, now can exude mesmerizing optical effects to enhance the aesthetic quotient at the point-of-sale (PoS). Beyond this point, these features also ensure that products can’t be copied easily – a sure-shot measure to check counterfeit challenges. The features are unprecedented and are creating promising possibilities for the aseptic beverage packaging industry to look forward to. They are fancy and elegant in their own rights, with a niche that can be distinctively evolved as per the needs of the product company.

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