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Yash Pakka bags international-grade certification for sustainability

Yash Pakka, India’s major sustainable packaging solutions company, has bagged the coveted Forest Stewardship Council’s (FSC) Chain-of-Custody Certification for its select products. The certification authenticates that products sold by Yash Pakka originate from well-managed forests and reclaimed materials.

The FSC label credibly links responsible production and consumption, allowing consumers and businesses to make purchasing decisions that are beneficial to people and the environment. The Chain of Custody (COC) verifies that FSC material has been identified and separated from non-certified and non-controlled material across the entire supply chain.

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This Chain-of-Custody Certification further means that only eligible materials as per FSC standards are being responsibly sourced by the manufacturer, wherein no illegally harvested wood is being processed to carry out the production. This adornment certifies that Yash Pakka has responsibly complied with all the regulations and requirements of the FSC for sustainable and planet-friendly growth.

Yash Pakka generates its own electricity with an 8.5 MW plant that runs on 100% biomass-based energy. It also sources its raw material and fuel locally and recovers 95% of the cooking chemicals used in manufacturing. The company’s core USP lies in the utilization of local agri-residues in creating raw materials. The company says that its strength is rooted in R&D and innovation. It creates products and processes for fiber, pulp, paper, biopolymers, moulded products, waste lines, and biomimicry.

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Speaking on this achievement, Jagdeep Hira, business head, Yash Pakka, said, “The FSC Chain-of-Custody Certification is a distinguished feat for our company. While our production has always been environmentally responsible, this international-grade certification is a huge encouragement and recognition for our good work in the industry. Our core identity relies on the fact that we need to be conscious and aware of the environment today, to make the planet better for our future generations. From using agri-residue as raw material to using 100% bio-fuel at our factory, this belief reflects in all our actions. Currently, our innovative green products are changing the way packaging materials have always been seen in the market. From low carbon footprint to responsible sourcing and being creative with waste material reuse, Yash Pakka has made remarkable strides in doing its bit for the environment.”

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