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UFlex unveils innovative, sustainable product line in Q2FY24

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UFlex launched several innovative and sustainable products across business verticals in Q2FY24. The company also won several awards in the quarter ended 30 September.

Packaging Films Business

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F-PTX high-barrier thermal stable alox film (offline coating): The F-PTX is a high-barrier thermal stable transparent Alox BOPET film. The film has a protective printable layer atop a high barrier vacuum deposit on one side and the other side is primer-coated or untreated. This film has excellent moisture and oxygen barrier properties and is environmentally friendly. It has an increased yield compared to PVDC-coated films and is a good replacement for PVDC/EVOH (PE) coated films.

F-UMF melamine-free BOPET film (inline coating): The F-UMF is a transparent BOPET film. One side of the film is a UMF chemical-coated surface, with the other side being untreated or corona-treated. It possesses high clarity, excellent machinability and handling properties, and excellent metal bond strength. On one hand, the coated surface provides excellent adhesion with various types of inks and adhesives, and on the other, the corona treatment improves bonding. The film is suitable for printing, lamination, metallization and hot fill, pasteurization, sterilization, and retort application.

CWR white opaque retort-grade CPP film (functional raw material): The C-CWR is a co-extruded white opaque film that is treated for aseptic/retort packaging on one side. It provides excellent sterilization performance, lamination adhesive anchorage, and high seal strength. The primary application areas of this film are sterilization and pasteurization, hot filling, and packing ready-to-eat food.

B-TAS transparent anti-fog with low SIT BOPP film (BOPP, functional raw material coextruded layer modification): The B-TAF is a newly designed anti-fog (both cold and hot) sealable treated layer on one side and an anti-fog with LOW SIT heat sealable layer on the other side. Good anti-fog functionality (both cold and hot), anti-fog side SIT (<85 °C), good seal performance, and good machinability are some of the quality improvement approaches offered by this film. It is primarily used in the packaging of fresh foods and vegetables and also in hot and cold anti-fog applications.

C-CPL-KP CPP transparent film for ketchup packing (functional raw material): The C-CPL-KP is a co-extruded transparent film that is corona-treated on one side and sealable on the other. It offers good optics, consistent slip, good machinability, good hot tack, and good seal integrity. It is primarily used in ketchup packaging.

Chemicals Business

Flexbond 666: It is a high-viscosity water-based synthetic adhesive that is primarily intended for use in the production of paper bags, with applications for pasting the sides, bottom, and handles of various kinds of shopping bags. Through nozzle and roller applicators, it provides outstanding bond strength and good adhesive flow in fully automatic paper bag-making machines.

Flexbond Wet Lam 1080: It is a synthetic adhesive with a medium viscosity that is primarily designed for use on paper bags for quick service restaurants (QSR) such as McDonald’s, KFC, and Burger King, among others. It can be used for both inside and bottom-pasting applications. Through nozzle and roller applicators, it provides high bonding in paper bags with superior flow behavior on fully automatic paper bag-making machines.

Flexgreen LED Inks for flexible packaging and pet films: Innovative LED inks and coatings for diverse laminate materials. This product is a specially made dual cure ink for PET film (chemically coated) that can be used for surface or reverse printing for flexible packaging applications on devices that have 385–395 nm LED or installed with traditional mercury lamps. With solvent-free offline lamination, this ink series forms a two to three-layered laminate structure with outstanding adhesion and curing properties on plastic film.

Flexbon 301A/ Flexbon 301C: The two-component solvent-free adhesive Flexbon 301A/Flexbob 301C is based on PU chemistry and is medium to high performance. It adheres well to a wide range of films. It is suitable for high-speed lamination because of its superior chemical and heat resistance. It is the latest generation of lamination adhesives and fast-drying PU glues.

Flexible Packaging Business

PFA 3D bags for Vivaldies: This unique pouch is designed for top slider 2 kg 3D bags for customised PFS machines.

Sustainable packaging for festive packs: The company developed a unique 3D pouch with a slider/zipper and a rope to carry a three-juice festive pack for a leading brand. Previously, the festive pack was made of PVC. The new packaging design and solution is a clean, environmentally friendly pouch with good aesthetics. This festive pack got a great response from the market and the end consumers.

Reverse embossed with Reverse LED: This is an innovative first-time embossed effect with reverse LED technology for a Stark Nutrition brand. To achieve this, a laser cylinder and special LED cure ink with a different printing technology was used. The key feathers of reverse embossing include bright colors and no rough surfaces and the 3D printing ensures that the consumers’ attention is drawn to specific words, such as power play and the brand logo. This packaging solution has created a differentiator for the brand and enables the product to stand out on retail shelves.

Holography Business

Digital stamping foil: UFlex’s Holography product portfolio now includes an innovative addition — digital stamping foil, a product set to redefine the landscape of printing and packaging. This solution seamlessly amalgamates elegance, customization, and sustainability. Digital Stamping Foil represents a state-of-the-art solution that is poised to revolutionize the way businesses approach packaging, branding, and product presentation. While the traditional method of foil stamping has long been celebrated for its ability to impart an air of luxury and sophistication to a variety of materials, it has often been encumbered by limitations, particularly in terms of accommodating small batch sizes for packaging.

Printing Cylinders Business

Holographic effect on leatherettes through steel-embossed cylinders: The holographic effect on leatherettes like PU and PVC-based materials through steel-embossed cylinders, have multiple applications that enhance the aesthetics of products used for home décor, handbags, car seat covers, and raincoat and shoes.

Twining effect on leatherettes and steel through laser-embossed cylinders: The twining effect on leatherettes and steel provides an array of applications and enhances the product finish and aesthetics in fashion, lift wall decorations, curtains, handbags, car seat covers, flooring, shopping malls, and hospital floors.

Awards and accolades

The UFlex chemicals business was named the first runner-up in the manufacturing category at the 10th CII – Northern Region EHS Competition on Environment, Health, and Safety Management.

UFlex won 16 awards at the IFCA Star Awards 2023 for its market-leading innovation and creativity in the packaging industry.

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