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Reproflex expands with investment in second Esko CDI Crystal XPS line

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Reproflex Scandinavia has expanded its production capacity by incorporating Esko’s latest hardware and software technology, adding a second CDI Crystal 5080 XPS to its platemaking facility in Denmark. Achieving ‘best in class’ certification under Esko’s XPS Crystal Program, Reproflex, a leading platemaking and prepress specialist in the region, has significantly enhanced its capabilities since initially adopting the state-of-the-art technology three years ago.

Thomas Borge Christensen, CEO of Reproflex, emphasized the success of the integrated Esko software and hardware in exceeding customer expectations since 2020. The recent strategic investment in a second Crystal/XPS line reinforces Reproflex’s commitment to delivering excellence to its customers, supporting backup capabilities, and enhancing delivery reliability.

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Specializing in supplying flexo plates to over 16 countries, Reproflex employs the Esko CDI 5080 Crystal plate imager, XPS 5080 Crystal exposure unit, and the award-winning Print Control Wizard software. This combination optimizes plate production quality, streamlining the flexo platemaking workflow for greater efficiency and superior plate quality.

The Crystal technology brings substantial benefits, including higher density, reduced ink consumption, fewer stops for press cleaning, and superior print quality. Thomas highlighted the environmental commitment, noting that XPS technology is the only GreenCircle certified unit on the market, aligning with Reproflex’s dedication to sustainable production practices.

Reproflex became the first business in the region to achieve certification under the XPS Crystal Program last year, providing customers with an additional level of quality assurance and adherence to best production practices. The accreditation facilitates benchmarking and identifies best practices related to quality control processes and production efficiency.

Mike Ball, Esko regional sales manager, underscored the positive impact of the CDI Crystal 5080 XPS on reducing manual steps, minimizing errors, and decreasing plate waste. The integrated workflow solutions and hardware technology empower Reproflex to maintain control over plate quality and achieve consistent print results.

With two facilities in Denmark, Reproflex covers the entire value chain from design to flexo plate production. The company’s commitment to Esko’s ecosystem, including the CDI 5080 Crystal plate imager and XPS 5080 Crystal exposure unit, ensures a comprehensive and efficient production process.

Ball praised Reproflex’s capacity expansion, emphasizing that the second complete Esko line doubles productivity without compromising renowned quality. The Esko XPS Crystal exposure unit, employing UV main and back exposure, received certifications for Certified Energy Savings and Dematerialization from GreenCircle, validating significant energy and waste reduction over its lifetime.

GreenCircle’s validation of Esko’s claims includes a 41% energy savings for tradeshops and 59% savings for converters, demonstrating the environmental sustainability of the Esko XPS Crystal. The unit achieved a remarkable 92% reduction in waste and 100% removal of hazardous waste, reinforcing Reproflex’s commitment to eco-friendly and efficient platemaking processes.

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