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SP Ultraflex showcases advanced Roboslit Plus Series 1000 mpm at drupa 2024

L to R: Rohan Pankar and Sukh Kohli of SP Ultraflex with the Roboslit Plus at drupa 2024. Photo: The Packman

At the drupa 2024 exhibition, SP Ultraflex displayed its cutting-edge Roboslit Plus Series 1000 mpm dual turret slitter rewinder, demonstrating significant advancements in automation and efficiency.

Rohan Pankar, sales engineer, SP Ultraflex, introduced the Roboslit Plus OHP machine, highlighting its impressive capabilities. He explained, “We are displaying our Roboslit Plus OHP machine which runs at 1000 meters per minute (MPM). It features automatic job setup, where the web guide, cutters, cores, and trim extraction nozzles are automatically positioned.”

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He added, “The machine is not launched here; it is an existing machine. We have been supplying this machine for a long time. We displayed it at Plastindia in 2018, but since then, we have enhanced the automatic job setup feature.” He shared that they had run the machine at their factory before drupa, completing 12 jobs within 3 minutes, marking a significant achievement.

Biku Kohli, director, SP Ultraflex, elaborated on the advancements since Plastindia 2018. “In 2018, the machine was automated in terms of job setup, but it wasn’t the pick-and-play system we have now. Previously, we used lasers to guide the operator in positioning the cores, but now, the machine itself has grippers that automatically position the cutters and cores. This makes the current version more advanced.”

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Benefits of automating job setup

Pankar further explained how the automation benefits their customers. “In most converters, automatic job setup typically means only the automatic cutter positioning. However, to get a good-quality slit, your web guide, cutters, and cores must be perfectly aligned. Our automation reduces substrate wastage, decreases dependency on the operator, and significantly improves productivity by reducing job setup time.”

Kohli added, “In recent years, the number of job changeovers per day has increased because job runs are shorter and there are more designs. Converters often change eight to ten jobs a day. For such converters, our automated job setup feature alone can improve machine productivity by about 25%.”

Innovative trim blower system – The Magic Box

A notable feature of the Roboslit Plus is its unique trim blower system, referred to as the ‘magic box.’ Pankar explained its significance, “As you know, it is a 1000 MPM machine, so the speed is high, which means the power for the trim blower will be high, resulting in high noise levels. However, with the Magic Box, we have managed to reduce the noise level by 7 to 8 decibels. This creates a safer environment as the operator can hear everything clearly, reducing the chances of accidents.”

Mahan Hazarika
Mahan Hazarika
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