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Multi-Label Tech-Print embraces Domino N610i for enhanced label solutions

Lto R: Sanjay Kikani, Tushar Sutariya and Satish Kikani

Multi-Label Tech-Print, a part of Multi Printers Group which is amongst the leading offset printing solution providers based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, is celebrating a pivotal milestone in their ongoing pursuit of innovation and excellence in printing services. With a vision to meet evolving printing demands and a commitment to delivering top-notch quality, Multi-Label Tech-Print has demonstrated its dedication to technological advancement with the acquisition of the Domino N610i digital label press.

Established nearly three decades ago in 1996, the Multi Printers Group began its journey in the printing industry with a focus on prepress services. Over the years, the company has dynamically evolved, consistently embracing new technologies and expanding its range of services. A significant milestone came in 2002 when they ventured into digital printing with the installation of a cut-sheet digital machine, showcasing their commitment to innovation and quality. By 2006, the company embarked on a new phase by investing in offset printing machines, gradually expanding its business and now serving over 250 clients.

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The company’s adaptability to market demands and dedication to excellence fueled further growth, culminating in the introduction of post-press services in 2015. This expansion included advanced offerings such as drip-off coating, binding, and slitting jobs. Continuing its pursuit of innovation and growth, in 2023, it established Multi-Label Tech-Print, a dedicated company focused on label printing.

“In our pursuit of excellence, we have always strived to stay ahead of the curve,” says Sanjay Kikani, one of the partners at Multi Label Tech-Print. “With the rapid evolution of printing technology, it became imperative for us to explore innovative solutions that could elevate our label printing capabilities.

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“We were catering to the label and carton printing requirements of the leading homegrown brands, and they were very much happy with our offerings. As these homegrown brands started becoming big with the advent of expanding e-commerce, they started asking us to supply printed labels in roll form. This made us realize that it’s time for us to invest in Suitable technology to fulfill our growing customer requirements.”

Tushar Sutariya, another partner at Multi-Label Tech-Print, shares his experience of selecting the right machine to kickstart their label printing journey in roll form. “After extensive research on flexo printing machines and numerous discussions with industry experts, we concluded that digital printing is the optimal choice for addressing our customers’ diverse volume needs.”

At Labelexpo India in Greater Noida, India, the Multi-Label team experienced the Domino N610i digital label press firsthand, which impressed them with its color reproduction matching their offset printed labels. The Domino applications team highlighted the benefits of the Esko Digital Front End and its advanced color management. Convinced by its features and performance, Multi-Label Tech-Print decided it was the perfect investment for its business.

Since integrating the Domino N610i, Multi-Label Tech-Print has transformed its operations. Sameer Pancholi, printing supervisor based in the plant, says, “We now offer label printing on various substrates for industries like nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food & beverage, agrochemical, and home & personal care. The Domino N610i, combined with three flexo printing units for inline priming, cold foiling, and varnishing, has significantly enhanced efficiency, increased productivity, and reduced wastage.”

The Domino N610i has significantly boosted Multi-Label Tech-Print’s efficiency and business growth. Sanjay Kikani says, “Domino has been a supportive partner. Their Digital Solution Program (DSP) and strong support have been key to our success. Thanks to Domino, we have seen a remarkable increase in volumes and new customers.”

“Sanjay Bhai, Tushar Bhai, and the Multi-Label Tech-Print team prioritize quality and punctuality, evident during our N610i press demonstration. Their clear vision and eagerness to innovate ensure customer satisfaction and sales growth. Collaborating with them is a pleasure, and we are excited to contribute to their expansion with multiple Domino N series machines,” remarks says Ajay RaoRane, VP of digital printing at Domino Printech India.

The machine at Multi-Label Tech-Print is a hybrid press that integrates the Domino N610i print engine with UV Graphics’ advanced flexo printing platform. It features three flexo printing stations, cold foiling stations, and a web turn bar for specialty label printing.

Mahan Hazarika
Mahan Hazarika
Mahan Hazarika has been serving as the Editor of The Packman since 2017, demonstrating an impressive decade-long expertise in the field of writing about the printing and packaging industry. In his leisure time, he indulges in his passions for music, travel, and watching movies.

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