SML Films to set up greenfield plant in Europe

[dropcaps style=’2′]Gujarat-based SML Films Limited (formerly Surat Metallics Limited) is on its way to set up a new greenfield BOPET film plant in Europe. The plant will house a state-of-the-art 8.7 meter wide BOPET line running at 500 meters per minute. With a target to produce 36,000 metric tonnes of films per year, the new line will be complemented by high-barrier metallizers and an AlOx coating facility to ensure high-quality, high-barrier films with thickness ranging between 6.5 and 155 micron. The new plant expects to meet just-in-time demands of the European markets by having production facilities and technical services located close to them.[/dropcaps]

The plant is expected to be commissioned by mid-2019. Pradeep Tyle, who pioneered several BOPET film plants in India and overseas in his 34-year stint with Uflex, is overseeing the new project.

Founded by Pragnesh Jariwala, SML Films develops, manufactures and supplies various PET films under the brand name, METLON. Based in Surat, the company has been successfully progressing in this field for over 16 years, and so are the first-choice suppliers to many units worldwide. Its wide product range includes clear, metallized and lacquer coated polyester film, metallic yarn (Badla) and glitter powder. Its products are also exported to over 20 countries in Europe.

SML produces over 72,000 metric tonnes of 6.5 to 155 microns film per year on two 8.7 meter wide Brückner lines. The two film lines are supplemented by 6 vacuum metallizers, which can churn out 36,000 metric tonnes of metallized films per year, and 10 coating machines.

– Anwesh Koley