SMI Coated Products highlights two new products at Labelexpo India 2018

Rohit Mehta and Ajay Mehta of SMI Coated Products at Labelexpo India 2018. Photo: The Packman


In addition to displaying a wide range of products for the cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and durable industries, SMI Coated Products highlighted two new products – for the lubricant and FMCG industries – at the Labelexpo India 2018 exhibition. “At SMI, we provide various solutions to our customers which we have hardly highlighted ever. However, this year we have gone ahead and highlighted two solutions out of 100 solutions that we introduced in past six months,” said Rohit Mehta of SMI Coated Products.

“We have introduced a filmic label-stock material for the lubricant industry. In the lubricant industry, the label is applied on the container before pouring hot oil into it – usually these are paper labels. The hot oil inside expands the container, but the paper label shrinks as it loses moisture due to the heat. Again, when the container is stored during night, the container gets contracted while the paper label gets expanded because it now regains moisture. The expansion-contraction process causes wrinkles on the paper label. But with our new filmic label-stock material, there is no moisture loss, and the expansion-contraction process of the container happens along with the filmic label and hence there is no wrinkle formation,” Mehta explained.

SMI’s another highlight at the show was large shampoo containers made of PP material. “Large shampoo containers available in the market today are generally not squeeze-friendly – the inside content comes out only due to the gravitational force rather than the squeeze. So, we have suggested a 60-micron PP material instead of PE material. PE material in general is more expensive compared to PP. Plus, PP material is more sustainable than PE,” concluded Mehta.

— Anwesh Koley