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SaaS platform at drupa helps transform print industry training and support services

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The Saas platform,, will be the protagonist of live demonstrations in AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality) and MR (Mixed Reality) at drupa 2024, at a dedicated stand (Hall 9, Stand D04) and in collaboration with consolidated partners.

This technology is already revolutionizing the way leading global hardware manufacturers offer technical training and support services, enabling the creation of highly accurate interactive digital twins. Using these digital recreations of hardware solves some of the industry’s most pressing problems around operational efficiency, hiring and training. eliminates the need to physically reach and examine real systems, dramatically improving productivity, reducing costs and boosting efficiency for operators, technicians and trainers.

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HP (under the xRServices brand), Landa Digital Printing and Bobst are among the many companies offering digital twins of their products developed by and will demonstrate the training and service benefits to customers and prospects at their stands at drupa (HP: Hall 17, Stand A01-A01-6; Landa Digital Printing: Hall 9, Stand A33-1 – A33-9; Bobst: Hall 10, Stand B30-1 – B30-3).

These industry leaders and many others already using, are seeing a 70% increase in efficiency in remote troubleshooting and other support calls. Thanks to the intuitive and accurate remote diagnostics offered by, the duration of these calls is significantly reduced, fewer technicians travel to system locations, and fewer incorrect or unnecessary parts are sent to customers. This efficiency also translates into increased productivity for print operators, as well as time and cost savings for manufacturers and customers.

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These savings are possible because’s highly accurate digital twins can be quickly and easily created for any number of parts catalogs, system workflows, operational functions, troubleshooting procedures, and more. Customers can then choose to enable cross-platform interaction (IOS, Android, PC, Windows, HoloLens, MagicLeap, Quest, etc.), cross-reality experiences (AR, VR or MR) and cross-use case requirements, bringing all training and assistance tools in a single integrated solution.

Itzhak Pichadze, CEO of, explains, “This exclusive ‘C3’ offering enables our customers to address some of today’s most crucial industry challenges: operational bottlenecks due to reliance on a small number of experts, long training and feedback times or inadequate update cycles; the constantly growing skills gap, due to recruitment problems and low levels of knowledge retention; and finally the high costs associated with training, content creation and repairs. answers these problems by offering a seamless and highly effective digital solution, pushing cutting-edge hardware manufacturers towards the training and support services of the future.”

Additionally, customers using can create five times more content than ever before. This intuitive solution installs quickly, securely and effortlessly, and users can create content with 80% less text, which can be easily translated without any need for videos or images.

“We are already receiving testimonials from companies in the printing sector who have learned about the advantages of and who have requested this service for the purchase of their next machinery. The manufacturer’s inability to provide a digital twin becomes a determining factor for these companies, as they have seen firsthand the benefits offered by . It is a proven, practical and cost-effective solution that is set to transform the way hardware manufacturers around the world deliver training and support. We invite all drupa attendees to visit our booth and see this incredible SaaS platform in action,” concludes Pichadze.

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