Monday, May 27, 2024

Fiery at drupa 2024

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At drupa 2024, visitors can witness firsthand how Fiery is shaping the future of digital printing. In Hall 8B Stand B10, visitors can engage with experts to explore the extensive capabilities of Fiery technology and its potential applications across different industries.

During the event, Fiery will showcase its latest innovations, which include previews of new automation and AI capabilities. One such innovation is the Fiery InkWise application, designed to streamline ink ordering and management through AI-powered assistance. Additionally, attendees can witness demonstrations of AI-driven job ticketing features that automate repetitive tasks, enhancing user experience and productivity.

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There will be also a preview of the upcoming release of Fiery JobFlow Pro, a cloud-based solution that automates job preparation steps, empowering customers with features such as querying job statuses through a home assistant, simplifying preflight reports with AI, and enabling easy printing by scanning a barcode.

Attendees from the packaging and industrial print segment can experience firsthand an end-to-end packaging workflow, from prepress to the Fiery Impress DFE, seamlessly sending jobs to printhead electronics. Furthermore, attendees can experience the collaboration of the award-winning Fiery Digital Factory RIP software with DTF printer partners, streamlining print operations and increasing profitability for DFT, DTG, sublimation, UV, toner transfer, and wide format print and cut devices.

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Finally, attendees will have the opportunity to explore the cutting-edge capabilities of the latest Fiery DFEs, including the Fiery FS600 Pro and Fiery XF 8, which empower state-of-the-art digital presses with advanced automation, precise color management, and efficient job processing tools. Fiery Command WorkStation can streamline print room operations by implementing a centralized job management solution that enhances productivity and seamlessly integrates with various printer brands and models. Additionally, visitors can deepen their understanding of color management techniques facilitated by Fiery DFEs, such as the Spot Color Verification feature of Fiery ColorGuard, which ensures consistent reproduction of brand colors.

Manash Das
Manash Das
Manash Das is associate editor at The Packman. He has been contributing editorially to The Packman since 2016.

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