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Pharma packaging company Alutech implements FlexiBiz ERP

Rakesh Goel and Anil K Mittal, directors at Alutech Packaging. Photo: The Packman

Delhi-headquartered Alutech Packaging is a leading pharma packaging company in North India with its plant at Bahadurgarh and seven marketing offices across the country. Started by Anil K Mittal and Rakesh Goel in 2010 on a small manufacturing area of 10,000 square feet has now grown to a full-fledged production plant with an area of 110,000 square feet. Alutech claims to be the first successful manufacturer of alu-alu foil (cold form blister foil) in India. The current production capacity of the plant is 7,000 metric tonnes per annum at 80-85% capacity utilization. Mittal shared that the plan is to increase the annual production capacity to 15,000 metric tonnes very soon. The present facility allows up to 8-color printing

At its plant in Bahadurgarh, Alutech manufactures alu-alu foil (CFB), blister pack, strip foil, sachet, vistapack (multi-layer PVC), child resistant foil and suture packaging among others. “We offer aluminum blister foil with various coatings for ceiling with PVC, PVDC, PP and aluminum. One of our new products is desiccant foil (primexcel arid foil in CFB and strip pack),” shared Mittal. “Desiccant foil packaging is suitable for highly RH-sensitive pharmaceutical products such as tablet, capsule, powder form etc.”

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Gaurav Bansal of Kiran Consultants with Pawan Mehra, general manager at Alutech Packaging. Photo: The Packman

R&D and new product development

Alutech spends 10% of its revenue in R&D. Investing in R&D is a part of Alutech’s strategy and business plan to enhance its competitive advantage over competitors. Along with adding value to old ones, the company creates new products for the market. “Because of our strong R&D team, we are able to create highly effective and more targeted products. For example, we provide desiccant foil of international standard at a very competitive price in India. The main function of desiccant is to protect the medicine from moisture by absorbing it at the time of packaging as well as after packaging – according to various reports, almost 5-8% medicines get spoiled due to moisture. Though quite popular in international markets, desiccant foil is yet to gain prominence in India due to its high price and long lead time. However, we are providing desiccant packaging solutions at a very reasonable price and very low lead time,” says Mittal. “In addition, our R&D team helps us to produce customized as well as anti-counterfeiting packaging.”

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State-of-the-art plant

The production floor of Alutech is powered by a German rolling mill, 8-color rotogravure printing machine from Expert, two 4-color rotogravure printing machines from Precision, a 6-color flexographic printing machine, two dry lamination and VMCH machines, and one wet lamination machine. In addition, the plant has one heat and press machine, extrusion coating machine and slitting machines. The company registered INR 150 crore revenue in FY18-19 and aims at INR 200 crore in FY19-20. “Our aim is to cross 300 crore turnover in the next two years,” says Mittal.

FlexiBiz ERP

Alutech Packaging recently implemented Kiran Consultants’ FlexiBiz ERP at its plant to manage material traceability, wastage control and seamless flow of information across various departments. In addition, the ERP also helps Alutech to comply with various norms and regulations specific to the pharma industry. “We being a pharmaceutical packaging provider have to adhere to various norms to meet the challenges posed by new regulations and stronger packaging guidelines. FlexiBiz being a fully customized ERP solution has helped us to look beyond the constantly changing compliance needs and focus more on client servicing,” says Mittal.

Noida-based Kiran Consultants also recently completed its FlexiBiz ERP implementation at India’s major lamitube manufacturer Printotech Global which produces ABL tubes, PBL tubes and seamless tubes for various sectors including pharma and FMCG.

Mahan Hazarika
Mahan Hazarika
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