Friday, April 12, 2024

Pentawards offers international stage to local Indian talent

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NH1 Design with Don’t Hide It. Period. (Silver: Healthcare, 2019)

The Pentawards annual competition, dedicated to recognising global packaging design excellence, is welcoming entries from India for 2024 providing a global stage to the packaging design talent of the continent.

Since its launch in 2007, Pentawards has received over 32,000 entries from nearly 100 countries across the globe. From Andorra to Australia, Brazil to the Republic of Moldova, last year saw 2000 entries from 60 different countries, creating a global stage that showcased an eclectic and exciting range of different country’s styles and expertise.

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Previous Pentawards winners from India include OPEN Strategy & Design with Unsaid Library Luxury Gift Packaging (Silver: Luxury garments and accessories, 2021), NH1 Design with Don’t Hide It. Period. (Silver: Healthcare, 2019), and Sol Benito with Emper – Tool Box (Silver: Beauty, 2016)

The global packaging design awards body has also introduced three new subcategories for CBD products, Spirits Collection and packaging showcasing Design With Purpose.

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Spirits Collection – a new sub-category within Beverages – celebrates innovative designs of spirit ranges including at least one dark and one clear spirit. The spirits subcategories have historically proven to be some of the most popular and competitive of the annual Pentawards competition, but until now have only provided the opportunity to submit individual packs. Following the introduction of the Wine Collection in 2021, Pentawards started receiving inquiries about the possibility of a Spirits Collection option, resulting in the launch of the new subcategory for 2024.

The new CBD subcategory – part of the wider Body, Health & Beauty category – celebrates a burgeoning sector with reports stating the Cannabidiol Market is anticipated to reach USD 19.67 Billion by 2032. With this new subcategory, Pentawards is seeking to highlight how different sectors and markets are adapting to a growing industry through packaging design.

Last year, Design With Purpose was introduced into the Special Awards group, a category that gives special recognition to different areas each year. Following a stream of entries into this category the 2023 Pentawards Festival theme focused on the topic. After the success of both the 2023 Special Awards and the festival, the global award body decided to introduce it as a more permanent category for the 2024 awards.

Head of Pentawards Adam Ryan says, “Pentawards has always been about celebrating the best in packaging design on a global scale across different sectors and industries. Throughout the years we’ve seen some beautiful and innovative designs on the global stage from India, so with the introduction of these new categories we can’t wait to see what creative agencies from the region put forward.”

For your chance to make your mark in 2024, make sure you enter this year’s competition, open until 15 March. The first round of results will be announced at the end of May and the final results announced at the Pentawards Gala in October 2024.

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