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India Corr Expo 2023: Siegwerk’s sustainable ink and coating solutions for corrugated industry

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During the 10th India Corr Expo 2023 held at India Expo Mart in Greater Noida, Siegwerk highlighted several of its ink and coating products for the corrugated industry. The company highlighted its UniNature ink which is a unique addition to the Indian market. Alongside UniNature, Sigwerk offers UniCor ink, tailored for the corrugation industry, catering especially to the Indian market for multicolor requirements. For high-quality, graphics-intensive projects, it provides UniPAPER Ink, which competes effectively with offset printing. Additionally, the company also offers coatings for oil and water resistance, as well as ink kitchen proposals for large-scale customers, aiming to reduce costs.

“Our commitment to customer satisfaction leads us to continually optimize our products in response to changing requirements and upgraded machinery. However, we retain our brand names as they represent a connection with our customers. UniNature ink, for instance, emphasizes sustainability, aligning with Siegwerk’s mission. It incorporates bio-renewable content, reducing petroleum content while enhancing paper’s palpability, contributing to environmental well-being,” said Shruti Bhattacharya, manager, application technology, Siegwerk.

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“UniCor stands as an economical ink series, while UniPAPER represents our longstanding high-quality, high-graphic printing service. UniNature sets us apart by showcasing our environmental responsibility and the importance of delivering eco-conscious products,” added Raja Ranga Bupathi Kamani, national sales head – P&B, Siegwerk.

Siegwerk is also working on barrier coatings that support paperization, particularly for substrates with multiple paper structures, such as paper plates. For instance, it introduced an OPV water-based direct food contact coating for paper plates, a shift from the traditional plastic lamination. This aligns with the trend towards sustainable, paper-based alternatives and adheres to food contact regulations in India.

Speaking about the market, Kamani said, “The paper industry is experiencing double-digit growth in India, with a focus on paperization and carbon neutrality. As a company, we are committed to water-based inks, which are more sustainable than conventional options. Moreover, we are actively incorporating bio-renewable content into our formulations to further promote carbon-neutral and sustainable ink solutions.”

Mahan Hazarika
Mahan Hazarika
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