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India Corr Expo 2023: Creative Graphics to invest in sleeve technology

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Deepanshu Goel, founder and CEO of Creative Graphics, at the 10th India Corr Expo 2023. Photo: The Packman

During the 10th India Corr Expo 2023 held at the India Expo Mart in Greater Noida, Creative Graphics highlighted its recently launched product lineup. Deepanshu Goel, founder and CEO of Creative Graphics, elaborated on their innovative offerings, stating, “We have introduced a new plate featuring an improved dot structure that not only conserves ink but also enables uninterrupted printing, minimizing ink replenishment. This reduction in ink usage ultimately leads to waste reduction and cost savings, benefiting the printing industry.”

Goel expressed that at Creative Graphics, their ongoing endeavor is to explore and adopt emerging technologies that can enrich the printing process, bolster its economic viability, and elevate the overall quality of corrugated boxes. He emphasized that the choice of printing plate plays a critical role, as an improper plate selection can potentially diminish both the thickness and the bursting strength of the box. “Therefore, our paramount goal is to provide customers with the appropriate flexo plates that not only enhance printing capabilities but also ensure the integrity and quality of the box remain uncompromised,” he said.

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Discussing the merits of flexo technology, Goel said, “With the flexo plate, we have observed significant reductions in waste, better control over ink consumption, and decreased solvent usage, especially in the corrugation sector. Additionally, flexo plates enable shorter print runs, contributing to sustainability. We take pride in being part of an industry that aligns with a sustainable vision.”

Regarding Creative Graphics’ forthcoming investments, Goel disclosed, “We are investing in continuous sleeve technology to address a challenge in flexo printing. Unlike gravure, flexo printing hasn’t been seamless. This limitation has been a concern for brands looking for uninterrupted printing. Creative Graphics is investing in sleeve technology to achieve seamless printing and eventually compete with gravure printing in terms of quality.”

Goel expressed optimism about the Indian market, stating, “India’s growing economy and the ‘Make in India’ initiative have fostered a thriving market. India’s large population contributes to strong domestic consumption, attracting manufacturers to the country. This has resulted in increased demand for corrugated boxes and packaging materials. Additionally, our ability to export to various countries due to the ‘Make in India’ effort has further stimulated growth in the corrugated box industry.”

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