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IMPACK unveils GenieCut for innovative in-line carton window patching

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IMPACK has unveiled the GenieCut, an innovative in-line window patcher aimed at revolutionizing carton windowing. The acquisition of GenieCut, finalized on 16 August 2023, marks IMPACK’s strategic move, and a partnership with inventor Jeff Shaffer has been forged.

Mathieu Tremblay, deputy general manager, highlighted the GenieCut’s success, with 25 installations already operational in North America and the UK. The system seamlessly integrates into existing folder-gluer setups, presenting a game-changing solution for businesses seeking operational optimization and expanded packaging options.

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What sets GenieCut apart is its proven efficiency and compact design, offering equivalent functionality to larger competitors while occupying minimal floor space. Jeff Shaffer, the brain behind GenieCut, drew inspiration from decades of experience as a production manager. He identified the need for an overhaul in window patching technology, which had remained largely unchanged since the 1930s.

The GenieCut’s simplicity and low-maintenance design promise increased operational ease with reduced waste and downtime. Unlike traditional patchers, it eliminates the need for glue pots, stencils, or cylinder changes, significantly cutting down setup time to under 15 minutes for existing jobs. Maintenance and preparation for future windowing batches can occur concurrently with folder-gluer operations.

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Jeff emphasized GenieCut’s user-friendly nature, asserting that prior window machine experience is unnecessary. The system’s patented stationary knife film-cutting system eliminates the frequent blade replacements required by traditional patchers.

The GenieCut boasts a state-of-the-art glue system capable of accommodating 60 or more glue guns. IMPACK and Baumer hhs provide optional glue gun modules in various widths, allowing customers to tailor their production needs. The glue system’s touchscreen controller, provided by Baumer hhs, facilitates precise glue pattern definition, optimizing glue volume for seamless film patching.

GenieCut redefines operational efficiency, surpassing both in-line and offline one-lane window patchers. Unlike traditional patchers, GenieCut’s continuous cycling design allows it to cut the film over 15 times a second, achieving a maximum speed of 200 meters per minute. This high-speed capability enables actual production times of up to 150 meters per minute or 15,000-40,000 boxes per hour, contingent on blank size and window patch width.

Dominic Theriault, president and CEO, expressed admiration for GenieCut’s ingenuity, seamlessly fitting into IMPACK’s product portfolio. He sees GenieCut as a game-changer, enhancing the functionality and productivity of folder-gluer machines, and positioning customers to be more competitive globally.

Jeff Shaffer expressed excitement about collaborating with IMPACK, leveraging their engineering excellence and manufacturing prowess to elevate GenieCut’s reach to folder-gluer producers worldwide. GenieCut, with its groundbreaking features, is poised to set a new industry benchmark for in-line window applications.

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