Brands and SMEs in Punjab and HP to taste global standards of packaging design

Delhi/NCR-based DesignerPeople, which offers innovative packaging design solutions, is experiencing a boost in the number of queries for design solutions, encouraging it to expand in Punjab and Himachal Pradesh to tap the MSMEs for their product packaging requirements.

According to Anush Malik, co-founder, DesignerPeople, the company is a transformative design player with a proven track record, improving sales by at least 30% with its packaging design strategy and solutions. The consultancy services brands pan India and also has an office in New Zealand with a strong network of clients.

Malik said, “The much-required boost in the MSME sector has made it customer conscious and has encouraged it to explore different ways to enhance customer experience. We at DesignerPeople are enthusiastic to expand and work with young, ambitious brands who aim to differentiate themselves in their industry with packaging design of global standards.”

According to marketing surveys, it takes only seven seconds for consumers to make a buying decision for a product and statistically, one-third of consumer purchase choices are based on packaging. The World Packaging Organization mentions packaging as a powerful marketing tool and brand ambassador of many consumer products today. Similar to this global understanding, more number of Indian brands, from PepsiCo to home-grown businesses are acknowledging the importance of packaging for tactful distribution, improved branding as well as sales.

In various business seminars by the government, including the first International SME Convention 2018, it has been emphasized for businesses, especially SMEs to become globally aware, adopt globally recognized standards and explore global markets. “However, to do business on a global platform is much more than just selling or exporting products to other countries – it involves the gradual process of transforming and evolving the business to establish a positive perception of the brand and its products. We at DesignerPeople believe that effective packaging of products plays an important role in brand and product positioning, inspiring sales, and enhancing overall buying experience,” concluded Malik.