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Arunodaya Print Pack’s new Nilpeter press boosts efficiency and productivity

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L to R: Dandu Venkata Sai Rajan Varma, director, Arunodaya Print Pack; and Shamprasad Mallya, HOD, flexo division, Arunodaya Print Pack

Arunodaya Print Pack, based in Hyderabad, recently added a state-of-the-art 6-color Nilpeter FB Line to its facility, complementing its existing 10-color Nilpeter press. The company has already achieved impressive efficiency and success with the 10-color press, thanks to its remarkable features and benefits. Arunodaya’s skilled workforce is well-versed in operating this press, making the decision to invest in the new 6-color Nilpeter press an easy one. This latest addition has further boosted Arunodaya’s productivity, according to Dandu Venkata Sai Rajan Varma of Arunodaya Print Pack.

The FB-Line introduces a range of new features, including the Automated Plate Positioning System (APPS) and pre-register and re-register capabilities. This advanced press is specifically designed to efficiently produce value-added labels at high speeds. Despite its distinct appearance, it remains user-friendly for printers already familiar with existing FB lines. Enhanced operator convenience is a central focus in Nilpeter’s design process for the FB-Line, ensuring that, despite the incorporation of several technological advancements, the flexo press remains remarkably straightforward to manage.

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Arunodaya Print Pack is a leading printing and packaging company, specializing in producing monocartons, self-adhesive labels, leaflets, and outserts for diverse industries such as pharmaceuticals, liquor, fast-moving consumer goods, beverages, and mass communication. With cutting-edge technology at its disposal, the company is dedicated to fulfilling the branding and product launch needs of pharmaceutical companies.

Varma emphasizes the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction, quality, reliability, and exceptional service since its inception in 1988, underpinned by advanced machinery, a systematic workflow, and a highly skilled technical team.

In response to the rising demand for customized and personalized labels, Arunodaya Print Pack is currently producing tamper-evident labels and holographic strips. The company’s future plans include introducing random number printing on each label to facilitate end-user tracking and tracing.

Furthermore, the company demonstrates a deep commitment to addressing environmental concerns. It prioritizes the use of environmentally friendly materials in its packaging solutions, opting for recyclable and biodegradable options whenever possible. Additionally, it has made investments in energy-efficient machinery and embraced responsible waste management practices to minimize its environmental footprint. Acknowledging the industry’s growing emphasis on sustainability, Varma points out that adapting to eco-friendly materials and practices may necessitate changes and investments in production processes.

Research and development are integral to Arunodaya Print Pack’s operations. It consistently invests in R&D to discover innovative ways to reduce resource consumption and emissions in its production processes.

Varma highlights the challenges of maintaining competitive pricing amidst rising production costs, driven in part by inflation and supply chain disruptions. The highly competitive nature of the printing and packaging industry necessitates a continuous focus on innovation, quality, and pricing to stay ahead of competitors. These challenges demand ongoing adaptation, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to delivering top-quality labels and services to its clients.

Mahan Hazarika
Mahan Hazarika
Mahan Hazarika has served as the Editor of The Packman since 2017, demonstrating an impressive decade-long expertise in the field of writing about the printing and packaging industry. In his leisure time, he indulges in his passions for music, travel, and watching movies.

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