Friday, April 12, 2024

Vinsak’s smart label solutions at IntraPac 2024

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Ranesh Bajaj (far right) stands alongside visitors at Vinsak’s stand during IntraPac 2024. Photo: The Packman

During the IntraPac 2024 exhibition, Vinsak highlighted its Lombardi flexo presses, Iwasaki machines, and the Vinsak USAR label finishing equipment. Additionally, the company demonstrated a live presentation of its tabletop rewinder equipped with an engine and camera system, capable of transforming ordinary labels into smart labels for track and trace purposes. The company also exhibited its reel lifters at the event.

Reflecting on the inaugural IntraPac exhibition, Ranesh Bajaj from Vinsak said, “I appreciate the improved layout of the exhibition. The aisle sizes are just right, creating a comfortable environment without being overly crowded. Although the attendance has been moderate, it’s understandable as it’s the first show. We should allow IntraPac some time to gain momentum.”

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Regarding the market outlook, Bajaj remarked, “The market is in good shape. There are no complaints; it’s performing well and shows consistent growth every day.”

Manash Das
Manash Das
Manash Das is associate editor at The Packman. He has been contributing editorially to The Packman since 2016.

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