Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Vinsak unveils cutting-edge printing solutions at Pamex 2024

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Vinsak will reveal its full potential with a range of groundbreaking products and advancements at the Pamex exhibition, scheduled from 6 to 9 February 2024. At the forefront of Vinsak’s display will be its new range of label finishing equipment, capable of printing QR codes, high build varnish, and digital cold foiling.

Vinsak USAR – Universal Slitter and Rewinder

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Vinsak will showcase its Universal Slitter and Rewinder (USAR) during live demonstrations. The USAR stands out for its prowess in high-resolution security printing with customizable finishing solutions. This versatile equipment offers slitter rewinding, die cutting, semi-rotary die-cut, and a 100% inspection/inkjet system, all tailored to customer requirements. With servo motors driving major components, the USAR runs at an impressive speed of up to 300 meters per minute. Backed by robust software and featuring an intuitive HMI display, the USAR family of systems offers various versions to cater to diverse needs.

ABG – Digicon Series 3

Vinsak will also present the ABG Digicon Series 3, a modular digital finishing equipment that has been a market leader for over 15 years. With over 1000 machines installed globally, the Digicon Series 3 is designed for speed and versatility. Key features include the world’s fastest semi-rotary die-cutting system, Fast Track Die Cutting, capable of running at 150 meters per minute and working in line with the world’s fastest digital print engines.

Lombardi Converting Machine – Flexoline

The Lombardi Converting Machine, specifically the Flexoline, takes center stage with its high-tech narrow web machine designed for printers seeking high printing quality and fast job changeovers. Equipped with an A.B.S. printing unit, Flexoline ensures excellent printing register even at high speeds and ease of use. The Rietstack IRS die-cutting non-stop feature further enhances its capabilities for the production of label stacks in various materials.

Vinsak high build system and tabletop re-winder

Vinsak introduces its new High Build System for label embellishment and tactile inkjet, driven by the latest print head technology. Additionally, the Tabletop Re-winder (TTR) offers a robust solution with features typically found on larger inspection/slitting equipment. Accurate tension control settings, independent air-operated unwind and rewind tension controls, and pneumatically inflating mandrels are some of the highlights of the TTR.

Vinsak roll lifter (VRL Series)

Addressing safety and efficiency concerns in handling rolls, Vinsak presents the VRL Series, a portable roll lifter equipped with a safety brake. This equipment aims to reduce fatigue, eliminate occupational injuries, and improve manual handling operations. Safety locks and 360-degree rotation enhance precision and ease of operation.

Vinsak brand protection solutions

Completing the comprehensive offerings, Vinsak showcases its brand protection solutions, inclusive of security software, security inks, and complete track and trace functionality.

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