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Trio Motion Technology redefines possibilities at Motion-First Conference in Pune

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Trio Motion Technology, a global leader in motion control, robotics, and automation solutions, recently concluded its highly anticipated Motion-First Conference in Pune. With the theme ‘Accelerating Business Growth through Technology,’ the event provided attendees with an immersive experience of trends and technology shaping the packaging and printing market in India. The event was attended by over 170 delegates from machine builders, factory operators, and system integrators.

The Motion-First Conference offered participants a unique opportunity to engage with Trio Motion Technology’s experts through comprehensive hands-on training sessions. The attendees gained valuable knowledge to drive efficiency and productivity in their operations. The conference featured in-depth, hands-on technical training sessions designed to empower participants to navigate complex tasks with ease.

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Accelerating business growth through Technology

Tom Alexander, president/managing director, Trio Motion Technology, UK, brought a perspective informed by a global understanding of automation trends and practices. He focused on redefining automation in India suggesting an interest in technology to transform traditional business processes and operations within the Indian market. This enables machine builders to introduce innovative automation solutions, streamline workflow, and optimize resource allocation to enhance efficiency and productivity.

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Speaking on the practical implications of integrating technology into business operations within the Indian context, Upendra Vanarase, managing director, Trio Motion Technology, India, said, “Machine builders in India will grow at a fast pace only through reliable technology and indicated a strong belief in the transformative power of technological advancements. This growth will be driven by factors such as increased operational efficiency, better decision-making capabilities, and the ability to adapt to changing market dynamics more effectively.”

Together, Alexander and Vanarase suggested a shared vision for harnessing the potential of automation and technology to drive business growth and innovation in India. Trio Motion is poised to help machine builders overcome challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities in the Indian market.

Unveiling the future of motion solutions

The highlight of the event was the unveiling of the groundbreaking Motion PLC, a new class of controller merging motion, robotics, and logic capabilities. The conference also marked the inauguration of Motion-First Magazine, a cutting-edge technology publication by Trio Motion Technology, India, aimed at fostering industry knowledge exchange and innovation.

The event concluded with a lively panel discussion on ‘Shaping the Future of Packaging Machine Manufacturing in India’ that brought together industry stalwarts including VM Joshi, general manager, Ekisten; Milind Thakur, GM-operations, Electronica India; Prakash Deshmukh, consultant; Biren Patel, director – sales and marketing, Shubham Automations; Prashant Patel, director technical, Shubham Automations; Amit Katariya, founder and managing director, Infinity Automated Solutions; and Datta Deshpande, founder chairman and CEO, Pratham Technologies.

The panel deliberated on elevating packaging, pharmaceutical, and F&B production, innovative robotic solutions, and the role of automation and robotics in transforming the industry and ensuring safety and reliability in automation.

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