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Trio Motion Technology paves the road to line integration efficiency

The future of pouch packaging

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Pouches need to be bagged for convenient transport and delivery to stores. Factories need to bag multiple pouches using various vertical or horizontal form fill seal (VFFS or HFFS) machines. To achieve high-speed throughput, factories require an integrated approach to primary, secondary and end-of-line packaging. These packaging solutions are applicable in various industries, including food, pharmaceuticals, personal care, pet food, agriculture, and industrial products. Infinity Automated Solutions, a leading manufacturing company, offers high-speed automatic baller machines for pouches, automated using advanced solutions from Trio Motion Technology.

“With a strong design team and extensive engineering experience, Infinity Automation Solutions is a market leader in secondary packaging for leading FMGC products, bakery produce, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, agriculture, and packaged foods. We offer advanced machinery for end-of-line packaging, secondary packaging, case packing, cartoning, baler, vision inspection, check weighers, and Conveying solutions,” says Amit Katariya, managing director, Infinity Automated Solutions.

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Line integration for higher efficiency

According to reports, the Indian packaging market is expected to grow at over 25% CAGR during 2020-2025. With increasing demand for hygienic and sustainable packaging, the need for fully automated and integrated machines and lines is drastically increasing. “Packaging lines tend to be slower, less efficient and sacrifice productivity if they are not integrated on the factory floor. As a single source provider of end-to-end packaging machinery and lines, we provide an unprecedented advantage for factory operators. This not only helps them to benefit from higher productivity but also offers higher line efficiency. With our integrated machinery and lines, factories benefit from higher product quality, reduced dependence on labor and sustainable solutions. Our solutions help factories become less labor intensive, improve product quality, and increase the overall throughput,” says Katariya.

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L to R: Amit Katariya, managing director, Infinity Automated Solutions; Upendra Vanarase, managing director, Trio Motion Technology India; and Sudheer Pathak, application lead engineer, Trio Motion Technology India

Managing product traffic with ease

Anti-collision arrangement needs to be made when pouches from different conveyors join on a common conveyor. Additionally, the products must maintain separation without overlap, ensuring an even spacing between them. The complexities are added to the automation when the speeds of the products coming on both conveyors are different and change in real time.

On the line, the conveyors are connected to the output of two different VFFS machines that are operating at different speeds. A set of conveyors called the service lane and the highway ensure that the products do not overlap or collide with each other. Speed adjustments are dynamically controlled, allowing the machine to make real-time modifications without any interruptions. Furthermore, controlled motion profiles are employed to evenly distribute these products on the infeed of the bagger unit.

The bagger unit is again a VFFS machine which depends on the selection bags the specified number of pouches. The selection can be custom-selected from the HMI. The bagger unit functions with a puller, sealer and cutter for bagging the pouches together. These pouches are then placed on the outfeed conveyor for preparing for shipment.

Precise integrated motion control

Managing traffic specifically on various conveyors is handled by precise servo and VFD control. “We have our entire line from infeed, outfeed, traffic management, bagging unit automated by Trio Motion Technology. They have been our preferred automation partner for many years. Their motion control platform equips our machines with the desired speed, precision, and accuracy. Moreover, the team’s commitment to service, quality, and values perfectly matches our ideology,” says Katariya.

Trio’s advanced controllers harness cutting-edge technology to plan precise movements, optimize speed and accuracy simultaneously. By seamlessly coordinating all automation components on a single controller, Trio Motion Technology ensures that machines execute tasks with incredible precision, minimizing errors and reducing production times. “With our integrated control and motion solutions, our customers make their machines more efficient, dependable, and deliver consistent high performance, ultimately driving innovation and productivity to new heights. EtherCAT with Trio motion offers a significant advantage for machine builders to enhance their machine performance,” cites Sudheer Pathak, application lead engineer, Trio Motion Technology India. Whether it’s precise filling, labeling, or sealing, Trio’s EtherCAT-enabled controls optimize the packaging process, reducing errors, minimizing downtime, and ultimately increasing the productivity and quality of packaging operations.

Trio Motion – a perfect choice for packaging OEMs

“Trio Motion Technology is an undisputed choice for OEMs such as Infinity Automation Solutions providing packaging machines. Our motion controls are extremely reliable and are equipped with advanced features that can be easily integrated into applications. We drastically reduced the programming, configuration, and commissioning time of packaging machines, thanks to our packaging template,” says Upendra Vanarase, managing director, Trio Motion Technology India.

Motion controls from Trio can easily handle complex application tasks, synchronize multiple axes, and precisely control various packaging processes. EtherCAT has been a game-changer for packaging machines as it is real-time, deterministic, and extremely fast. Together with Trio Motion Technology, Infinity Automated Solutions is able to stay ahead of the market, enabling it to offer high-speed and high-performance machines. The integrated and next-generation technology from Trio Motion controls helps Infinity Automated Solutions with a robust, high-performance, and future-proof solution for their packaging machines and lines. Precision plays a vital role in packaging machines to ensure consistent product quality and avoid wastage. Trio Motion Technology enables Infinity Automated Solutions to ensure consistent product quality, avoid wastage and be more productive, flexible, and reliable in their packaging operations.

Collaborative approach for greater success

“We have forged invaluable collaborations with Trio Motion Technology over the past years to create precision-driven, high-performance packaging machines. Their expertise in motion control, combined with a deep understanding of the unique demands of the packaging industry, has resulted in innovative solutions that empower us to develop machines that excel in accuracy, speed, and efficiency,” says Katariya. By integrating Trio’s cutting-edge technology into systems offered by Infinity Automated Solutions, they can meet the rigorous demands of today’s fast-paced production environments, ensuring consistent and reliable packaging processes. Trio Motion Technology’s collaborative approach with packaging OEMs continues to drive advancements in the industry, making packaging operations more precise and high-performing than ever before.

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