TRESU exhibits automated ink supply solutions at PrintPack 2019

At PrintPack India 2019, TRESU Group, together with its regional agent CGSASP, will show its ancillary solutions for automating ink supply and enhancing quality, efficiency and output on flexographic label and packaging presses on Stand G12, Hall 9, India Expo Centre, Greater Noida, NCR Delhi, 1-6 February. The company will also present information about its Flexo Innovator, an inline flexo printing and converting machine for paperboard applications, combining high speed, minimized waste and fast setup times.

TRESU’s Ancillary division will highlight the vital contribution its programme of chamber doctor blades and ink supply systems make in optimizing print quality, waste elimination and machine uptime.

Pressure-control with chamber doctor blades for all flexo situations
Covering label, paperboard, flexible packaging, tissue and specialist coating applications, TRESU’s chamber programme is available for all web widths between 185 mm and 6000 mm. Using the company’s unique ‘Pressure Control Technology’, the chambers eliminate air contamination and microfoaming, to ensure clean, uniform print on the substrate. A long-life rubber seal system provides an airtight enclosure, preventing leakage, and maintains consistent ink pressure. Ink quality is assured by a liquid barrier, formed between the rotating anilox rolls and the chamber, preventing air from entering the cells during production. The chamber doctor blades also feature fast, safe blade-exchange as standard. Light-weight, corrosion-resistant carbon fibre and ceramic alternatives are available. Chamber doctor blades may be supplied with new presses and retrofitted on existing ones.

For web widths from 1600 mm to 6000 mm (63 in to 236.22 in), the new TRESU MaxiPrint Concept chamber features an integrated cleaning nozzle with a robustly designed water-shot mechanism for fast, efficient cleaning of the chamber and the anilox roll. A low-pressure shot mechanism ensures minimal water loss during cleaning. The TRESU ‘P-Line’ pneumatic clamping system ensures blade-exchange within two minutes.

The TRESU FlexiPrint Reservoir SAVEink chamber doctor blade is for narrow web flexo applications up to 800 mm wide. With an integrated high-capacity reservoir, the TRESU SAVEink is ideal for process and spot colors as well as high ink-transfer printing, without the need for a connected pump. It is sealed and locks into place in seconds without the risk of spilling or ink contamination. Ink may be added to the reservoir without stopping the press.

Also featured are other models in the FlexiPrint range: FlexiPrint Basic and FlexiPrint Reservoir, offering high price-performance ratios. These doctor blade systems maximize print quality, ink usage and savings on waste.

FlexiPrint Basic offers high-quality doctoring for anilox rolls from 80 mm to 2000 mm in width and between 60 mm and 400 mm in diameter. Suitable for water, solvent and UV-curable inks and coatings, FlexiPrint Basic features TRESU’s patented ‘E-Line’ eccentric clamping system and seals for fast, accurate and easy doctor blade changes, and protection of ink quality.

FlexiPrint Reservoir is designed for water-based and UV coatings. It can be manually filled or used with a pump. The easy-load cassette enables fast color / coating changes and the patented seals mean that surplus ink can be reserved in the chamber for future use.

Supply systems and circulators for consistent ink and coating application
TRESU is recognized for its ink supply systems, which can be part of the configuration of a new press or retrofitted. The F10 iCon ink supply system regulates ink flow, pressure and viscosity, to ensure a constant, accurate ink density on the printed substrate without air contamination. An energy-efficient system, it provides thorough automatic cleaning with a complete ink change cycle taking between 5 and 15 minutes. As part of the automatic cleaning, a very large proportion of the unused ink can be returned to the bucket. Information on TRESU’s full range of coating circulators and conditioners for high-viscosity coatings will also be available on the stand.

The flexo process provides the optimum solution for applying coating over offset and digitally printed graphics. Flexographic ancillary technologies from TRESU, including chamber doctor blades, circulators and conditioners, can be integrated with offset and digital presses to apply sensually appealing matte, gloss and textured varnishes to commercial and packaging print-work, consistently and accurately. Equipment is also available for high-viscosity and specialist effects, including Iriodine and mettalure. TRESU also provides drying technology for fast air drying or curing at higher speed.

Flexo Innovator: advanced inline flexographic printing
Information, samples and animations about the TRESU Flexo Innovator flexo printing machine for advanced, high-quality, high-speed packaging production for folding carton board, paper, laminates and metallic substrates will also be available on the stand.

With its customized line configuration, in web widths from 670 mm to 1700 mm, the Flexo Innovator can integrate water-based, solvent and UV-curable inks, as well as value-adding complementary processes, including double-sided printing, gravure coating (double-sided), inkjet, cold foil and lamination. Speeds of up to 800 m/minute make the Flexo Innovator an advanced, versatile solution for both short and long-run production.

Global support
TRESU adds value to its customers’ operations with a responsive global support network, with subsidiaries and agents providing technical and sales assistance, training, and application consultancy to optimize returns on investment. CGSASP Pvt Ltd, based in New Delhi and representing TRESU Group in India, provides a first point of contact for enquiries, as well as a local source of support and consumable products.

“While the packaging printing market in India is strong and vibrant, we are increasingly competing against regions with high levels and fresh investment,” says Kunal Gandhi, managing director, CGSASP. “Rising quality standards and demands for fast-turnaround times with shorter run lengths require modern equipment and systems. TRESU’s retrofittable chamber doctor blades, ink supply and other ancillary equipment are ideal for improving production efficiency and competitiveness.

“With fast responses, a strong support network and application expertise, CGSASP and TRESU offer a dynamic partnership with local knowledge to Indian converters,” he concludes.