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Tecnopails reveals new innovations at European Coating Show

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Tecnopails has unveiled two technological packaging-system innovations – Linea Evo and Basic 2023 – at the European Coatings Show held recently in Nuremberg, Germany

Tecnopails, the dedicated filling division of IM Group (formerly Inkmaker Group), has unveiled two technological packaging-system innovations – Linea Evo and Basic 2023 – at the European Coatings Show held recently in Nuremberg, Germany.

Linea Evo

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The first, a seven-meter-long new packaging line encased in an aluminum frame, was named the Linea Evo due to the evolution of several of its key features deriving directly from Tecnopails’ Linea automatic-packaging machines. The new Linea Evo boasts a feed-advancement system, equipped with brushless motor, enabling it to optimize speeds and to automatically change formats.

Additionally, to enhance productivity, Tecnopails developed the Dual Mode Motion (DMM); allowing the machine to process large formats in a single track and small formats in a double track – doubling the productivity of the latter – at the same cycle per minute. Roof and drip trays are used to complete the perimeter casings to maintain a controlled environment within the machine.

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“The Linea Evo is designed with a COP (clean out place) washing system which allows it to perform cleaning functions both at the end of production, for an in-depth machine wash, and during production – without needing to halt the machine – for a work-surface flush. An automatic CIP (clean in place) system also comes standard for the entire product circuit; with the option to add dispersers and mills, produced by IM Group’s mixing and grinding division, IEC+, to fully complete the line,” explained Antonio Riggio, CEO of IEC+.

A new user-friendly GUI (graphical user interface) allows accessibility to the machine to even inexperienced operators and for non-ATEX versions, the Linea Evo’s electrical cabinet is integrated within the machine allowing for quick start-up.

“The Linea Evo is designed to integrate with numerous functional groups, such as tinting units to carry out in-can tinting or printers and encoders for product tracking maintaining its distinct qualities of flexibility and configurability, this completely new line was designed specifically in response to market trends and sector demands with the aim of positioning it as a benchmark in the industry,” concludes Gianluca Incerti, global director of sales, IM Group,

Basic 2023

The other technological innovation featured at the Tecnopails stand was the Basic 2023 – a customizable manual-packaging machine with a standard chassis, capable of transforming into a variety of filling and closing configurations typically requested by the packaging sector. The manual-packaging machine is equipped with 13 functional groups that permit it to convert into hundreds of variants and being separate plug-ins can be purchased separately when required.

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