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swop 2024’s Green Power Zone paves the path to sustainability

From an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) perspective, the global green packaging sector has a promising outlook for 2024. The evolution of ESG principles in recent years has catalyzed substantial growth opportunities for the packaging industry. Numerous global fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) brands have incorporated ESG strategies into their packaging, aiming to inspire corporate values, drive innovation and create compelling green brand narratives.

In March of this year, the European Union unveiled a series of new packaging regulations, encompassing targets for packaging reduction, restrictions on the permanent use of chemicals, promotion of reuse and refill initiatives, and mandates for recyclable packaging materials with specific recycling objectives. In particular, by 2029, the EU aims to ensure that 90% of single-use plastic bottles and metal beverage containers are collected through separate recycling systems. These market trends will further drive the development and application of green packaging materials, innovative packaging designs, and circular packaging economic models!

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swop 2024 spotlight: Green Power Zone

This year, swop will unveil an upgraded version of the Green Power Zone, promising heightened excitement for the packaging industry! In this upgrade, the Zone will focus on reducing carbon emissions and footprints, steering the packaging industry toward low-carbon practices and environmental preservation. It will showcase advanced environmental packaging technologies, innovative dual-carbon solutions, and sustainability practices.

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The Green Power Zone will present a wide range of innovative packaging materials and production equipment. This includes sustainable packaging products, biodegradable materials and machinery, paper-plastic film packaging products and equipment, as well as paper container production equipment. These offerings help companies reduce costs, improve efficiency and achieve low-carbon and energy-saving goals. Concurrently, there will be a forum and an immersive interactive zone to delve into the evolving trends in sustainable packaging from various perspectives, fostering an interactive platform for exchange within the packaging supply chain.

In addition, the Zone will organize thematic forums for industry experts, academics and business leaders to share insights and experiences in sustainable packaging. Topics will include exploring hot topics such as new European packaging regulations, opportunities and challenges in sustainable plastic packaging supply chains from an ESG perspective, emerging opportunities in plastic packaging markets under evolving consumption trends, and innovative material technologies driving innovation and sustainability in plastic packaging. These discussions are designed to provide attendees with valuable industry insights and business opportunities.

An immersive and interactive display area will also be established within the Zone, providing visitors with a comprehensive understanding of innovative products and solutions for environmental packaging through physical displays. swop, which serves as a platform for matching supply and demand within the packaging industry, will facilitate business collaboration and technology exchange through various trade matchmaking activities and precise one-on-one engagements.

Highlights from the previous edition of the Green Power Zone

In 2023, the Green Power Zone showcased a diverse range of eco-friendly packaging materials, production equipment, and packaging solutions to assist packaging companies and brand owners in achieving sustainable development goals. Notable exhibitors include SABIC, Esun, Hua Wei, HSM, Beauty Star, Bisheng, Royal New Materials, HOME-LINK, Intop, Techuang, Ceville, Reberet, ExxonMobil, COACE, REEF, MT, Zhongcheng Ecotechnology, Sanfeng, Yuto, Zidan, Hengxin, Mr. Bamboo, Pando, HGHY, Huain Industrial, Sunkea, Leadtra, Taihong, INTCO Recycling, Topcircle, Mission Recyco, acmeplas, Tangke, TüV Rheinland and SGS.

Recap I: European Sustainable Packaging Display Zone

The Green Power Zone – European Sustainable Packaging Display Zone made its debut at swop 2023 and received a great response. It showcased numerous creative, eco-friendly FMCG sustainable packaging solutions from Europe, attracting a large number of trade buyers and visitors. Simultaneously, swop partnered with Innova Market Insights, an internationally renowned market insight agency, to showcase global cases and innovative practices of sustainable packaging for food and beverage. This collaboration accelerated the pace of development within the global sustainable packaging sector.

Recap II: Concurrent Forum Green Power Sustainable Packaging

The forum, Green Power Sustainable Packaging – How to Improve Product Competitiveness, gathered top experts from Europe and renowned companies including Procter & Gamble, Yili, and Decathlon. It delved into topics such as ‘Global Food Packaging Trends: Realizing Circular Economy”, “Green and Sustainable Solutions: Expanding Packaging Horizons,’ ‘Biodegradable Materials and Packaging Applications” and “Innovative Dairy Packaging Cases’. These discussions educated the audience on leveraging sustainable packaging to strengthen product competitiveness.

In 2024, the Green Power Zone will attract over 200 renowned exhibitors from the industry. Exhibitors and visitors will convene at swop 2024 to discuss upcoming trends, including recycling, degradation and reduction, circular economy initiatives, white pollution control, green design principles, carbon neutrality and carbon peak strategies. swop will provide eye-catching signage and customized booths for the Green Power Zone, facilitating rapid engagement with the target audience.

As a Green Power Forum sponsor, you would be entitled to:

  • A speaking slot in the concurrent swop 2024 forum
  • A standard booth (9 m2) in the Green Power Zone
  • Display of the sponsor’s LOGO at the check-in for VIP trade buyer groups
  • Plenty of exposure for corporate promotional materials on the show floor
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