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Swedbrand to highlight innovation, sustainability at Luxe Pack Paris

Luxe Pack Paris

Swedbrand Group, a packaging partner to some of the world’s most iconic brands, will exhibit at Luxe Pack Paris scheduled for 31 August through 1 September at the Carreau du Temple. During the show, Swedbrand will be displaying a selection of premium rigid boxes produced in its highly automated state-of-the-art factory in Gdansk, Poland. This facility uses the latest in equipment and materials to support Swedbrand’s sustainability objectives and those of the brands it supports. During the show, Swedbrand will also be unveiling an entirely new type of hybrid premium rigid box constructed of corrugated board with an extra paper laminate. This creates a board that has significantly lower cost, does not affect the overall quality of the premium rigid boxes, and can be processed using the Gdansk factory automated box lines.

“We are especially excited to be unveiling this new hybrid product at Luxe Pack Paris,” said Zaid Bunni, founding partner and director at Swedbrand. “With our automated factory in Gdansk, Poland, we have been able to experiment with a wide range of substrate types and combinations to develop innovative new products such as this hybrid pack, always with sustainability in mind.”

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According to Swedbrand, its new hybrid rigid corrugated box is suitable for machining and will significantly reduce both raw material consumption and production costs without any difference in perceived quality. Since corrugated cardboard is 2.5 times lighter than conventional cardboard, it can be easily compressed, unlike grey board. “This means that our new hybrid premium rigid box has a smaller environmental footprint than conventional premium rigid boxes,” Bunni added. “Lighter weight equals a reduction in the CO2 footprint of boxes during transport, and its ability to be compressed simplifies end-of-life processing as well.”

In other sustainability moves, Swedbrand reports that its Gdansk factory has no industrial water consumption and uses more environmentally friendly non-animal glues. Paper and board are sourced from European mills and contain recycled content as well as wood pulp acquired from sustainably managed forests. The plant is heated with more efficient and environmentally friendly natural gas, and having many skylights helps to reduce the need for interior lighting. With these and other initiatives, Swedbrand’s Gdansk plant consumes a relatively limited amount of electricity considering the volumes of premium boxes it is producing.

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