Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Storopack’s paper-based alternative for prefilled air bubble film

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paper-based alternative for prefilled air bubble

Businesses today have undergone a paradigm shift. Offline to online. Limited options to unlimited options. Careless thinking to sustainability thought process. We are trying to see how and where we can put in efforts to improve the alignment of everything to a circular economy. In one such effort, Storopack, a company with 150-year-old experience in protective packaging, brings an innovative product.

PAPERbubble is an innovative solution for companies that pack small to medium-sized products (e.g. decorations, cosmetics or pharmaceuticals) and are looking for a paper-based alternative to conventional prefilled air bubble film. The sheets are versatile in use and can be applied for wrapping, top filling, padding or cushioning. Thanks to their large bubbles, high product protection and efficient material use can be combined.

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“Furthermore, the sustainable product impresses with its classy design and provides a high-quality unboxing experience. PAPERbubble can be disposed of in the wastepaper along with the shipping box and is 100% recyclable. The 2 available options are made from Kraft paper. Due to the degree of innovation, PAPERbubble is printed and carries our Storopack brand,” says Storopack.

Storopack adds that PAPERbubble does not require a machine system and thus has low investment costs. The product is delivered in a handy box, which has a tab at the bottom, so it serves as well as a tabletop stand.

Further accessories such as floor stands are available too. In addition, requests for SMARTline Stations with PAPERbubble on a swivel arm can be placed. For the Regions EU, Asia-Pacific, SA and MEA, PAPERbubble 580 mm x 380 mm 300 sheets, PAPERbubble 580 mm x 380 mm 300 sheets white are available and can be ordered. PAPERbubble is delivered in boxes containing 300 sheets each. By default, there are 20 boxes on one pallet.

“We are sure that PAPERbubble will turn out to be a game-changer in your packaging strategies. Looking to eliminate plastic… looking for a recyclable product… looking for a sustainable packaging option. PAPERbubble is your only solution,” the company says.

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