SP Ultraflex sells its 8th ROBOSLIT in North India

Mumbai-based SP Ultraflex displayed its highest selling ROBOSLIT OHP dual turret slitter-rewinder at the recently concluded IndiaPlast 2019 exhibition. It’s the fifth anniversary year for the dual turret technology, which was introduced by the company in 2014. “For us, the IndiaPlast 2019 exhibition has happened at a great time. In addition to celebrating the fifth anniversary year of the ROBOSLIT, we are happy to announce that the machine we are displaying at the exhibition has been sold to a customer in North India. It will be shipped to the client’s factory soon after the exhibition. It is a repeat order for the customer and also the 8th dual turret slitter-rewinder machine to be supplied in North India in last five years.” said Biku Kohli, managing director, SP Ultraflex. Kohli shared that SP Ultraflex has sold 26 ROBOSLIT dual turret slitter-rewinders till now since it was first introduced in 2014.

The ROBOSLIT displayed at IndiaPlast 2019 runs at speeds up to 800 meters per minute. “It is a very operator friendly machine and allows you to produce better finished reels because the machine always runs under right tension due to the Intelligent Tension Management system installed in the machine. Reel tension is very crucial when you run a slitter-rewinder at high speeds. The machine also comes with a lot of safety features installed,” said Kohli. The ramp up and ramp down time of the ROBOSLIT OHP has also been reduced further to increase the productivity of the machine.

Speaking about the market, Kohli said, “The quality standards have become more stringent, and the problems converters today face are related to the tightness of the winding, cutting accuracy, edge finish, residual charge, raised edges among others. As a manufacturer, we have to improve our machines to tackle these problems. Today people want to improve their production volume, efficiency and company turnover without increasing their machine count, head count and shop floor. So this is what machines like ROBOSLIT do – they allow you to expand your business without any proportionate increase in your resources.”