Printology Xperts shares its Konica Minolta success story post MGI JETvarnish 3D and IFOIL installation

Team members from Konica Minolta and Printology Xperts along with the newly installed MGI JETvarnish. Photo: The Packman


Konica Minolta Business Solutions, a global leader in advanced imaging and networking technologies, recently installed the latest version of the MGI JETvarnish 3D Digital Spot UV and IFOIL at New Delhi-based Printology Xperts. The company, which has been using the personalized 3D spot coating machine and embossed hot foil stamping application for over 8 months, is yet another addition to an extensive and growing portfolio of clients that Konica Minolta has assisted in enhancing their printing capabilities.

The installation of MGI JETvarnish 3D & IFOIL has also helped Printology Xperts to explore new segments of printing services and target building a larger clientele by leveraging the new technology for its growth. Commenting on the investment, Kamal Malik, co- founder – Printology Xperts, said, “Our clients’ printing requirements are changing constantly and rapidly, requiring us to upgrade our printing equipment in line with the latest tech developments. Having used the innovative 3D spot coating and hot foil stamping equipment from MGI for over eight months now, we have not only been able to successfully fulfil our printing requirements with utmost efficiency, but have also seen some truly impressive results, thanks to its unique capabilities. The machine enables designers to carry out a variety of innovative print work on it, which helps our clients distinguish their print products from competitors.”

Kamal Malik of Printology Xperts brefing the media about the newly installed MGI JETvarnish. Photo: The Packman


The JETvarnish 3D and IFOIL utilises MGI’s patented inkjet and hot foil stamping technology to provide digital spot UV coating in plain 2D and 3D (with thickness of up to 200 microns) and embossed foil textured effects in one pass. The digital spot UV coating process is 100% variable data capable, with barcode reader options that enable custom spot varnished prints with unique graphics, text, and numeric data. Konica Minolta also showcased various innovative and high-quality samples created on MGI equipment by Printology Xperts at an event held in June 2018.

A sample print by Printology with print embellishments and special effects done on the MGI JETvarnish. Photo: The Packman


Manish Gupta – national marketing manager – Konica Minolta Business Solutions India, said, “At Konica Minolta, our aim is to stay ahead of the print technology curve and provide our customers with the best-in-class printing solutions, and support their need to grow and scale their business. The response we have received from Printology Xperts is highly encouraging, and we look forward to building on the company’s strong growth momentum through continuous technological innovation.”

A sample print by Printology with print embellishments and special effects done on the MGI JETvarnish. Photo: The Packman


Vijay Kamat, national product manager – industrial print, Konica Minolta Business Solutions India, added, “Driving the highest levels of customer satisfaction and delight is the key objective when we undertake any new installation at Konica Minolta. That is exactly why, along with assisting them with the installation of new machines, we also work with our customers to help them build a business development programme and target better ROI through their enhanced printing capabilities. We also look to provide the staff with the necessary training to help them fully capitalise on the technology they have acquired and expand their operations in all possible ways.”

The sample prints incorporated a wide range of print embellishments and special effects which were unattainable through traditional printing technologies. The demonstration highlighted Konica Minolta’s innovative MGI solutions for packaging and commercial printing customers, graphic designers, and advertising agencies to envision and implement novel print execution strategies to drive better business outcomes.