Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Nilpeter introduces MO-Line Fusion

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Nilpeter has launched a custom-made combination press MO-Line Fusion with a host of analog and digital embellishment technologies inline. The company says that this is a platform for unmatched label quality – whether competing in high-volume or short-run markets.

“In premium wine and spirits the quest for perfection in every detail is an obsession – and that must be reflected in the production of the label, too. It’s that passion that inspired us to develop the MO-Line of offset presses. With over 200 installations worldwide the MO-Line has set the standard for excellence in quality and productivity for the last 25 years. Now, we’re taking high-end offset printing for these markets to new levels of performance, efficiency and ease of use, with the MO-Line Fusion,” Nilpeter said.

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All components in the press are manufactured in-house. Built with high levels of automation, MO-Line Fusion minimizes manual adjustments and ensures faster setup times and reduced start-up waste.

MO-Line Fusion
The custom-made combination press MO-Line Fusion comes with a digital varnish unit, new FP-5 hot foil and embossing units, and flexo units for spot color applications

The MO-Line Fusion is based on Nilpeter’s common press platform. This enables seamless integration of value-added techniques, inline and customized according to specific requirements, with the flexibility to add new technologies as needs change in the future, too. According to Nilpeter, the MO-Line Fusion offers the best from both the analog printing and the digital embellishment world. It comes with a digital varnish unit, new FP-5 hot foil and embossing units, and flexo units for spot color applications.

According to Nilpeter, the MO-line Fusion has no limitations related to materials compared to digital technologies in the market. “Few printers in the world have this freedom to print unique, high-value labels – which adds a competitive dimension for the printer,” the company said.

Based on sleeve tooling technology, the press is equipped with a smart intuitive interface and computer-aided controls. Jobs and settings are automatically recalled. “Current FA-line flexo operators will already feel at home with the new Fusion platform and will easily be able to add offset printing to their skillset – and vice versa,” the company said.

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