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Mondi partners to replace PolyStyrene in white goods packaging

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Expanded PolyStyrene (EPS) microplastics pose a significant threat to marine environments, constituting over 40% of plastic debris on Asian beaches. The global push to combat this issue has led to bans on EPS packaging gaining momentum, particularly in regions like the European Union, the Caribbean, Fiji, the Philippines, and parts of the United States. As governments from over 170 nations collaborate on the United Nations Treaty on Plastic Pollution, the focus on policies targeting the environmental impact of hard-to-recycle plastics is intensifying.

In response to this growing need for sustainable alternatives, Mondi is championing corrugated packaging as a 100% recyclable and compostable solution. The company’s corrugated boxes, crafted from recycled fibers, contribute to the impressive 82.5% recycling rate of paper-based packaging in Europe. As an advocate for circular packaging for white goods and electronic equipment, Mondi’s material and design experts are developing high-performance corrugated solutions to replace EPS materials.

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Traditionally, industries relied on EPS for its protective properties, but Mondi is changing the game by offering cost-effective and sustainable alternatives. The extended producer responsibility mandates, such as those under the EU Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive, have transformed the economic landscape, making the shift from EPS to paper-based solutions more viable.

Mondi’s Snug&Strong corrugated solution stands out as a recyclable, efficient, and sustainable option. Recognizing that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for white goods and electronic packaging, Mondi collaborates closely with customers to understand their production line and packaging requirements. Whether developing recyclable, multi-material packaging concepts or gradually replacing EPS components, Mondi’s collaborative approach ensures sustainable and viable solutions.

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By choosing Mondi as a partner in packaging, manufacturers not only contribute to a cleaner environment but also benefit from fully recyclable packaging solutions. The Snug&Strong corrugated solution offers excellent protection, streamlines supply chains, improves packaging processes, and meets consumer demands for sustainability. Moreover, its 100% paper-based composition reduces storage and transportation costs compared to traditional EPS packaging.

Mondi’s Snug&Strong corrugated solution exemplifies a successful balance between protection, cost-efficiency, and sustainability in packaging. As the world shifts towards eco-friendly practices, Mondi is at the forefront, providing innovative solutions that align with both consumer preferences and upcoming legislative requirements.

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