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Lakhdatar International implements FlexiBiz ERP to enhance manufacturing efficiency

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Nitish Goel, director of Lakhdatar International

In a recent interview with The Packman, Nitish Goel, director of Lakhdatar International, shared insightful perspectives on the company’s strategies, initiatives, and future vision. Covering topics ranging from sustainability to market hurdles and long-term objectives, the discussion shed light on Lakhdatar’s dynamic stance in navigating the competitive packaging sector. Notably, the company has recently integrated FlexiBiz ERP into its operations. By remaining proactive and attuned to market shifts, Lakhdatar aims to maintain its competitive edge and adapt to emerging industry dynamics.

Lakhdatar International, a prominent player in the flexible packaging industry, recently integrated FlexiBiz ERP from Noida-based Kiran Consultants. The integration covers a comprehensive array of modules, ranging from production through dispatch, including finance and accounts. Nitish Goel, director of Lakhdatar International, expressed satisfaction with the swift implementation of FlexiBiz ERP across all their plants, emphasizing its tailored fit for the flexible packaging sector.

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“The implementation of FlexiBiz ERP across all our plants was achieved in record time. One of the key highlights of the FlexiBiz ERP implementation is its provision of real-time data, which minimizes stockouts, ensures accurate information, and enables quicker responses to customer queries. This enhancement significantly boosts work efficiency within Lakhdatar International’s operations. Goel outlined the clear objectives they had for the system, including barcoded inventory, roll traceability, waste reduction, proper production accountability, and improved machine efficiency.

Lakhdatar International stands out as a rapidly expanding manufacturing entity, specializing in a diverse range of flexible packaging materials such as BOPP bags, woven sacks, multilayer laminated pouches, and roll forms. Noteworthy among its offerings are 3D pouches and pinch bottom bags adorned with registered matt coating and windows.

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Goel reiterated the company’s commitment to innovation and rigorous research and development initiatives despite encountering hurdles along its growth trajectory. “Lakhdatar International remains firmly committed to fostering innovation and conducting rigorous research and development initiatives. The company prides itself on offering an extensive array of packaging solutions to cater to various needs,” said Goel.

Goel emphasized the unique qualities of Lakhdatar in the market, highlighting the company’s dedication to utilizing premium raw materials and providing exceptional customer service. He said, “At Lakhdatar, our distinction stems from our utilization of high-quality raw materials. We place a premium on superior customer service, delivering innovative designs and personalized assistance tailored to individual customer needs. Transparency and exclusivity form the core of our values. We maintain a specialized quality control laboratory for meticulous material inspections and conduct rigorous drop tests to ensure product durability. Moreover, we prioritize hygiene, ensuring that our packaging solutions are not just durable but also promote healthiness.”

Sustainability – a central theme

Reflecting Lakhdatar’s dedication to environmental responsibility, Goel said, “Lakhdatar is actively investing in sustainable packaging solutions such as biodegradable plastics, LDPE, and recyclable products. Additionally, the company is advocating for sustainability by encouraging customers to choose eco-friendly alternatives, thereby driving positive change across the industry.

Vision for the future

Lakhdatar Packaging Industries harbors ambitious aspirations for the future, aspiring to become a global leader in the packaging sector. Guided by this vision, the company has developed a comprehensive action plan focused on innovation, authenticity, and brand value. “Embracing circular packaging practices, Lakhdatar is committed to redefining industry standards and setting new benchmarks for excellence,” concluded Goel.

Mahan Hazarika
Mahan Hazarika
Mahan Hazarika has been serving as the Editor of The Packman since 2017, demonstrating an impressive decade-long expertise in the field of writing about the printing and packaging industry. In his leisure time, he indulges in his passions for music, travel, and watching movies.

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