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Konica Minolta showcases cutting-edge printing solutions at Pamex 2024

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Vijay Kamat of Konica Minolta at Pamex 2024. Photo: The Packman

During the Pamex 2024 exhibition, Konica Minolta displayed groundbreaking technology spanning from production to industrial printing. Among the highlights were the Cypress 12000 under production printing and the MGI AccurioShine 3600 with iFoilOne in the industrial printing category.

The AccurioShine 3600 stands out for its ability to add 2D and 3D gloss effects cost-effectively, eliminating the complexities associated with conventional systems. This fully digital solution features industry-leading artificial intelligence registration technology and an eco-friendly LED curing system, all packed into a compact size. The AccurioShine 3600 empowers users with a comprehensive range of high-impact finishing effects.

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Alongside the AccurioShine 3600, Konica Minolta unveiled the Accurio Label 400 (AL 400) featuring 5 colors – CMYK plus white, marking its inaugural introduction in India with the inclusion of white color. Previous iterations of the Accurio Label 400 were solely equipped with CMYK capabilities.

Vijay Kamat of Konica Minolta said, “The AccurioLabel 400 integrates Konica Minolta’s cutting-edge technology, including the Intelligent Quality Optimizer (IQ-520) for real-time color stability and registration control. This latest press introduces a fifth well for white toner, enhancing creative label applications. With a resolution equivalent to 3,600 x 2,400 DPI and numerous automated control features, it ensures highly productive output.”

Kamat said, “At Konica Minolta, we strive to maintain our position as pioneers in digital printing, always looking ahead to the future. Currently, we are unveiling the latest applications, a rare sight in India, including specialized creations like pouches and unique samples crafted with MGI and iFoilOne technologies. These represent highly specialized projects within the digital printing realm, and that’s precisely what we are highlighting. For instance, we are presenting a diverse array of embellished applications made possible by MGI, catering to industries ranging from weddings to commercial ventures and packaging. Our showcase encompasses a wide spectrum of applications across various industry verticals, utilizing the capabilities of MGI, iFoilOne, AL 400, and Cypress machines.”

Speaking about the market, Kamat said, “The flexibility and efficiency of digital printing resonate strongly with startup ventures, offering them the agility to produce diverse SKUs with shorter print runs. In the realm of luxury packaging, startups are increasingly turning to Konica Minolta’s solutions, driven by the demand for digital capabilities such as variable data printing (VDP), security features, track and trace, and augmented reality.”

Mahan Hazarika
Mahan Hazarika
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