Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Kongsberg PCS launches Kongsberg Ultimate digital cutting platform

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Kongsberg PCS president and CEO Stuart Fox, with the new Kongsberg Ultimate

Kongsberg PCS has unveiled a new digital cutting platform, the Kongsberg Ultimate. With its innovative features, the platform is set to make a positive impact on the corrugated production industry by enhancing productivity, precision, and safety to new heights.

With its new, innovative drive technology, the new Kongsberg Ultimate which features an acceleration rate of up to 2.74G, and an impressive cutting speed of 168 meters per minute is a testament to Kongsberg PCS’s commitment to developing the latest technology.

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“Engineered with our deep understanding of corrugated and display converters’ needs for precision, the Kongsberg Ultimate promises to redefine standards and usher in a new era of productivity and innovation, delivering a fast return on investment for convertors of corrugated board,” said Kongsberg PCS president and CEO, Stuart Fox. “Enhancing operations and providing a significant competitive advantage, the platform sets a new industry benchmark and is set to drive the future of corrugated production for years to come.”

Built on six foundational values, the design of the Kongsberg Ultimate marks a significant step forward in technology, specifically tailored to meet the distinct challenges encountered by corrugated converters engaged in continuous high-volume multi-batch production.

“With corrugated converters around the world under increasing pressure to produce better, faster, safer and more efficiently to meet the demands of the global market, we have underlined our commitment to deliver a solution that has been engineered for precision and built for productivity,” added Stuart.

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