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Inkmaker Shanghai appoints Kangrin as agent for deco paper in China

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Inkmaker Shanghai appoints Kangrin
An installation in Shanghai by Inkmaker

Inkmaker Shanghai, the manufacturer of integrated dispensing systems in China for IM Group, has appointed Kangrin Electronic Technology as its exclusive agent in the deco-paper market segment for the China market.

Kangrin, a subsidiary of leading print-roll-winding equipment manufacturer Taide Machinery, has strong dominance in the printing industry in China with its products ranging from supporting equipment to control software for industry-4.0 manufacturing, ERP, MES and vertical warehouses. Kangrin is also an authorized agent for high-quality visual inspection and automatic viscosity control for many European, Japanese and American brands.

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“It is a great honor for Kangrin to have been selected as IM Group’s exclusive agent in China. IM Group is a leading global player offering a complete spectrum spanning design, manufacturing and software design through to total process-engineering solutions. Its unique expertise on special-color ink dispensing and transferring systems will certainly increase ink-preparation efficiency in the deco-paper market,” explained Wang Jian Bin, managing director of Kangrin. “Now, together with Kangrin’s resources, market intelligence and network, we are well equipped to bring this great product further, elevating the ink-preparation method with industry 4.0 intelligence.”

As an exclusive authorized agent, the deal will give Kangrin exclusive rights to Inkmaker’s automatic color matching and ink dispensing system in the deco-paper printing industry.

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“Kangrin has a renowned industry knowledge and understanding of the China market, equipped with IM Group’s portfolio of state-of-the-art brands, we are confident that together we will forge a winning formula to IM Group modernize the ink-preparation process for our potential clients,” concluded Lau Kar Seng, GM of Inkmaker Shanghai and board member of IM Group.

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