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Herma launches lightweight self-adhesive label material

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Herma is further expanding its range of lightweight self-adhesive label materials, Thin Range. The latest addition is the Herma PP white light (grade 884) plastic film in combination with the special film adhesive 62Xpc. The film weighs only 37 grams per square meter, making it more than 15% lighter than a standard film, which typically weighs 44 grams per square meter. “In terms of sustainability, this is a considerable leap, especially as this also results in a lower transport weight,” says Hendrik Kehl, product manager at Herma.

In terms of functional quality, the new film is practically the same as its heavier ‘sister’, especially in standard applications. Due to its special treatment, the glossy surface of Herma PP white light results in good print quality in conventional printing processes, such as UV flexographic printing. The pearlescent appearance of the film gives the label its special look. This PP film is particularly suitable for the labeling of cosmetic and personal care products, household cleaners, etc., as well as for applications requiring weather and chemical resistance. The adhesive 62Xpc used here was specially developed for film labels.

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The use of the 2-layer technology and ideally matched adhesive layers achieves very good further processing properties with well above average adhesive properties. Its good flow properties in combination with the high transparency of the adhesive layer result in a very attractive-looking label. When applied, the adhesive 62Xpc is resistant to moisture, soaps and oil. It also has good resistance to light, heat and ageing.

Herma’s lightweight Thin Range now includes six self-adhesive materials. In addition to Herma PP white light (grade 884), this also includes the Herma PP white 40 (grade 892) film, whose excellent flexibility is particularly sought-after for the easy application of labels on curved surfaces. Hermalaser sheet 50 (grade 133) is used as a self-adhesive material for paper labels. It is a particularly lightweight and supple material to produce label sheets, which ensure the permanent, reliable labeling of various surfaces.

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The Thin Range also includes the material Hermacoat light (grade 238) for paper labels on rolls. This is a white self-adhesive label paper with a slightly glossy coating on one side and a lower grammage (70g/m2). Hermatherm C (grade 902) is ideal for paper labels used in the weighing area of food packaging. The same applies to a self-adhesive material with Hermatherm G BPA-free (grade 907), whereby the weight reduction is due to the significantly lighter release liner (grade 543). EAN codes and other code systems can be clearly displayed on both paper materials.

“The self-adhesive materials in our Thin Range therefore cover a very broad functional spectrum,” says Kehl. “This means that many standard label applications can already save on resources without significant functional restrictions. Not to mention, the Thin Range also offers economic advantages in all cases.”

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