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DGM seals big deals at drupa 2024

Puneet Aggarwal, managing director, India Subcontinent, DGM, at the DGM stand at drupa 2024. Photo: Packman

At drupa 2024, DGM displayed its flagship product, Technocut 1050 S die-cutter with stripping. Puneet Aggarwal, managing director, India Subcontinent, DGM said, “We are showing customers the machine running at full speed with stripping at 7500 sheets per hour.” Aggarwal detailed the features of this advanced die-cutter, emphasizing its inline stripping capabilities, the inclusion of a chase changer, and a control table.

Another highlight from DGM’s exhibit was the Smartfold Servo X 1100 SL folder-gluer. The fully servo-driven folder-gluer operates at an impressive speed of 500 meters per minute. Aggarwal pointed out its capability to handle highly complex jobs, notably six-corner boxes. “We have introduced a new design to achieve the fastest speed for six-corner boxes in the market,” Aggarwal noted. The machine reaches speeds of 200 meters per minute, producing up to 32,000 boxes per hour. Aggarwal also highlighted the unique back fold design of the Smartfold Servo X, which enables the front fold of six-corner boxes.

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New orders at drupa

The response DGM received at drupa was overwhelmingly positive with the company securing several significant orders from leading packaging firms across India. Aggarwal revealed that DGM had secured several orders from leading packaging firms across India. Paramount, based in Mumbai, has invested in a SmartFold 800PC automatic folder gluer. Angad Enterprise from Kalaamb, Himachal Pradesh, has placed an order for a DGM Smart Fold 1100SI to equip its new facility. In addition, York Print in Kolkata has finalized a deal for two DGM Technocut 1050S die-cutters with stripping capabilities, boosting its production efficiency. Ahmedabad-based Rightway Packaging has also enhanced its operations with the acquisition of a DGM Smart Fold 1100SL.

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Indian market dynamics

When asked about the current state of the Indian market in folding cartons and monocartons, Aggarwal was optimistic. Aggarwal said, “The Indian market is performing exceptionally well, with numerous new projects and players entering the scene, making it a very exciting time. Competition is on the rise, and we anticipate that the market will expand, attracting more manufacturers. The growth will benefit not just DGM, but the entire industry.”

Regarding future plans, Aggarwal shared insights into potential expansion within India. “If the visa issues between India and China are resolved, we will start some assembly operations in India. We have space in Noida that we should leverage,” he explained. While the extent of the assembly work is yet to be determined, Aggarwal affirmed, “This is in the pipeline. We will start with assembly and then move to manufacturing in India. We are very optimistic about the long-term potential of the Indian market.”

Mahan Hazarika
Mahan Hazarika
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