Friday, April 12, 2024

Cardbox Packaging announces Euro 6.5 million investment in Czech Republic

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Cardbox Packaging has announced an investment of Euro 6.5 million in its new subsidiary in the Czech Republic. This strategic investment underlines Cardbox Packaging’s commitment to expanding its global footprint and enhancing its manufacturing capabilities to meet the growing demand for innovative and sustainable packaging solutions.

The investment will focus on the acquisition of state-of-the-art machinery to boost production efficiency, quality, and capacity in the Czech Republic and moving to another efficiency-focused facility. Key equipment acquisitions include Koenig & Bauer Rapida 106 X-8+L press and Bobst Visioncut 106 LER diecutter.

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With the Koenig & Bauer press onboard, Cardbox Packaging now possesses the capability to produce a wider range of packaging designs with higher precision and faster turnaround times.

Furthermore, the addition of the Bobst Visioncut 106 LER diecutter enhances precision in packaging cutting and shaping, ensuring superior product quality. The integration of full feeding logistics and optical lateral register further optimizes the production process, reducing waste and improving efficiency.

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The investment in the Czech Republic is part of Cardbox Packaging’s ongoing strategy to enhance its service offerings and reinforce its position among leaders in the packaging industry. By integrating these advanced technologies, Cardbox Packaging aims to set new standards in packaging innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction.

“We are excited about the expansion of our operations in the Czech Republic and the opportunities it brings to serve our customers better,” said Klaus Hockl, CEO of Cardbox Packaging. “This investment not only strengthens our manufacturing capabilities but also demonstrates our commitment to innovation and excellence in the packaging industry.”

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