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BST India presents system for 100% surface inspection, precise defect classification for all packaging films

Wintriss- Web Ranger is an optical 100% surface inspection and defect classification system that provides a total quality solution for films & plastics produced in continuous webs. The system’s highly modular design allows the system to detect any size of defects based on web width and speed.

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Wintriss Inspection Solutions Ltd., a subsidiary of Wintriss Engineering Corp., California. Develops and manufactures optical surface inspection systems using smart, CCD line-scan cameras. Rapidly expanding its horizons with over 300 systems installed world-wide. Wintriss Engineering is a pioneer in embedding processing intelligence in cameras.

Wintriss is marketed and represented exclusively in India by BST eltromat India Pvt. Ltd. Our core competency is the in-depth understanding of optics & image processing. This expertise and our surface inspection experience enable our clients to conceive and implement innovative designs to meet diverse customer requirements for surface inspection.

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About Wintirss- Web Ranger:

  • Market leaders in Film, PCB and Nonwovens
  • Market acceptance in Films, Paper, Glass and Metals
  • Customer base includes multi-national corporations such as DuPont, Dow-Kokum, Procter & Gamble, GE, Bemis, 3M, U-Japan Nonwoven Co., Havix, Kaneka, Yupo, Nan Ya, AUO, CCP, Chi Mei, H&V, SKC, Shin Kong, PPG, Tredager, TUC, EMC, Lucky Films, Doosan, Dow-Kokum
  • Installations (USA, Taiwan, China, Korea, Malaysia, Germany, UK, Thailand, India, Indonesia)
  • Superb system reliability
  • Local support
  • Extensive Machine Vision experience
    • Smart cameras – 19 years
    • Web Inspection – 14 years

Salient Features:

  • Cameras: Wintriss has patent on Smart Web Inspection Camera; the incorporation of smart cameras with embedded processing resources enables the system to provide 100% inspection of the material and rapid, accurate detection of defects.
  • High-Intensity Illumination: Wintriss linear light sources are optimized for web inspection and the challenge of operating in a 24/7 production environment.
  • Advanced Classification: precise classification of defects into user-defined categories using advanced statistical (KNN) and non-linear heuristic methods (neural networks)
  • SQL Database: comprehensive database of defects with images, positions and all defect features
  • Automatic Archiving: automatic transfer of defect data to an external device or system based on user-defined criteria
  • Flexible Reporting: standard and custom reports of inspection results and statistics in tabular and graphical format
  • Trend Analysis: automatic detection and reporting of repeating defects
  • Formation Analysis: Graphical display of product quality based on calculation of a Non Uniformity Index
  • Defect Density: automatic defect monitoring based on user-specified criteria that assign points to defect class occurrences
  • Roll Grading: automatic grading of rolls based on user-specified grading criteria that assign points to defect class occurrences
  • Custom Digital I/O: to generate alarms, trigger marking and tagging systems, automatically start/stop jobs, etc.
  • Multi-Language GUI: English, German, Chinese, etc.
  • Factory Interfaces: Windows-based open architecture allows easy connections to other systems and devices via OPC, SQL Query, Ethernet, or custom digital interface
  • Access: Remote access via Internet for system maintenance and software upgrades
  • Support: 24/7 Technical Support via Internet and Telephone Hotline

Applications: The Web Ranger’s advanced surface inspection classification engine can perform precise defect classification based on extremely subtle differences between defect categories. The scope for Wintriss “Web Ranger System” has broader application and it is suitable for wide range of materials:

No. Industry Type of materials Type of defects detected by surface inspection system
1 Packaging Film BOPP, BOPET, BOPE, CPP, PVC

BOPE, Blown Film, Cast Film, PI, PVB, APET, ABS, PC Boards, PC Film, Diaper Film, Metallized Films

Fish-eye, Dimple, Void, Scratches, Scratch, Light Crease, Light Area, Heavy Crease, Gel, Dimples, Contamination, Coating Skip, Clear Small Particle, Clear Dimples, Bumps, Adhesive Contamination
2 Optical Film Optical BOPET, Polarizer(3, 7 layer), Prism Film, TAC, OPF, Window Film, Micro-lens Film, Coated TAC, Coated PET, PVA, 3D Film, PMMA Boards, Dry Film Fish-eye, Dimple, Void, Scratches, Scratch, Light Crease, Light Area, Heavy Crease, Gel, Dimples, Contamination, Coating Skip, Clear Small Particle, Clear Dimples, Bumps, Adhesive Contamination
3 PCB Fiberglass, PrePreg (PP), Cu Foil, Copper Clad Laminate (CCL) Fish-eye, Dimple, Void, Scratches, Scratch, Light Crease, Light Area, Heavy Crease, Gel, Dimples, Contamination, Coating Skip, Clear Small Particle, Clear Dimples, Bumps, Adhesive Contamination
4 Non-woven Air Laid, Spun Bond, Dry laid, Wet Laid, Melt Blown, Spun Laced, Thermal Bonded, Needle Punched, Carded, Glass Mat, Coated Nonwoven, Laminated Nonwoven Twist-back light, Large Vein Oblique, Hydro-former Streak, Heavy Rope Oblique light, Clump, Binder Void
5 Metals Aluminium Pin Hole, Aluminium Surface, Stainless Steel Roller mark, Hole, Deposit, Copper Clear, Bump, Pit, Grease
6 Glass Float Glass, Patterned Glass for Solar, Piece-by-Piece Glass, Display Glass Stones, Knots, Bubbles
7 Fabrics Tire Cord, Technical Textile Water Marks, Streaks, Smudge, Pin Hole
8 Coated Coils Coil Coating Holes, Doughnuts, Paint Drip, Fish eyes, Dirt Line Specs, Ghosting
9 Paper Base Paper and Paper Boards, Coated Paper and Paper Boards(Art Paper), Industrial Paper(Liner), Cigarette Paper,

Tissue Paper

Water Marks, Streaks, Smudge, Pin Hole, Insect, Creases, Chunks
10 New Energy Cu Electrode, Al Electrode, Battery Separator Film, Solar Back Sheet, Aluminium Foil Package Streaks, Creases, Scratches, Bumps
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