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BST eltromat India displays EagleEye and Alphamix at IndiaPlast 2019

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Khushal Patel of BST eltromat India at IndiaPlast 2019. Photo: The Packman

After successfully displaying EagleEye and Alphamix at ArabPlast 2019 in Dubai, BST eltromat India demonstrated these systems for the first time in India at the recently concluded IndiaPlast 2019 exhibition.

EagleEye is a 100% web viewing system which enables press operators to get a complete overview of the web repeat at all times. It overcomes the limitations of the conventional web viewing systems and allows operators to view the entire web-repeat on a 55 -inch UltraHD monitor. The system is modular and can be upgraded to add defect detection software at any time.

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Kiran More and Vikrant Jairath of BST eltromat India at IndiaPlast 2019. Photo: The Packman

“EagleEye is ideal for web width up to 2800 mm and press speeds up to 600 meters per minute. It has a camera resolution of 132 dpi and tri-linear RGB true color line sensor. It also facilitates fast remote maintenance for easy and immediate diagnosis. The operators can zoom in and zoom out the images and can see what exactly he is printing regardless of the speed,” said Kushal Patel of BST eltromat India.

The other system displayed at the event was Alphamix. It is a two-component adhesive mixing and dispensing system which delivers adhesive mixture at a desired ratio and temperature with self-calibration ensuring zero de-lamination. Alphamix comes both as standalone system as well as integrated to solvent-less lamination machine. BSTe displayed both systems at the exhibition. For the integrated system, the company used a Lotus Mechanical solvent-less lamination machine for live demos.

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“The system also calculates and displays actual coating GSM along with all critical information on one HMI. In addition to providing roll/job wise reporting and ensuring precise temperature and weight control, the system also calculates weight of adhesive in real-time,” said Vikrant Jairath, general manager, automation at BSTe India.

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