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Behind a carton – ice cream packfection

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While individuals typically associate ice cream with summertime, retailers and manufacturers must plan well in advance. Ice cream production commences during the winter, and consequently, so does the manufacturing of ice cream packaging. One of the initial considerations involves the selection of the ice cream packaging type, which plays a crucial role in addressing the significant challenge of preserving its sensory qualities and ensuring protection during transportation. This leads us to various factors such as temperature regulation, packaging design, and sustainability that require careful consideration. Seasoned packaging suppliers are well-versed in the myriad packaging options available in the market, with cardboard gaining increasing popularity in recent years.

Ensuring precise temperature control along the entire cold chain is of utmost importance. Ice cream necessitates packaging and transportation at extremely low temperatures, typically falling within the range of -20°C to -30°C (-4°F to -22°F). This stringent temperature range is essential to prevent melting and uphold the creamy texture of the ice cream. To achieve this, specialized packaging materials such as insulated containers or dry ice are employed to sustain the requisite temperature levels during both storage and transportation.

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The choice of packaging material and its design holds substantial importance in safeguarding the product. Robust containers crafted from materials like high-quality paperboard or durable plastics are employed to withstand various handling conditions and prevent physical damage. Furthermore, the inclusion of airtight seals and moisture-resistant barriers is crucial to deter the formation of ice crystals and uphold the velvety texture of the ice cream.

In addition, aesthetics and information constitute vital elements of ice cream packaging. Vibrant colors, captivating imagery, and clearly presented labeling that communicates flavor profiles and nutritional information serve to enhance consumer attraction and enable well-informed choices.

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With the growing emphasis on sustainability, manufacturers are actively investigating eco-friendly packaging alternatives. Biodegradable materials and packaging derived from recycled and renewable resources are now under consideration to reduce environmental impact. In this regard, cardboard packaging has recently garnered significant attention. Its merits, including cost-effectiveness, versatility in customization, and eco-friendliness, are eclipsing those of its competitors, thus propelling it to the forefront.

Cardbox Packaging, a seasoned producer of ice cream cups, provides a diverse selection of cup sizes, ranging from 100 ml to 550 ml. For sizes between 100 ml and 250 ml, they offer a popular option of embedding a wooden spoon in the lid, creating a convenient ice cream to-go solution. Drawing upon their extensive expertise in the ice cream packaging industry, Cardbox Packaging has achieved significant innovation with square box packaging for ice cream. This unique design not only offers an unconventional shape but also aims to leave a lasting impression at first glance.

“My packaging solution, developed in collaboration with graphic designer Michael Schumer and the Cardbox Packaging team, epitomizes the growing demand for sustainable individuality. Given our emphasis on a square design, which is reflected in the product’s name, ‘Square Ice Cream,’ the concept was a natural choice,” explains Michael Reisecker, the visionary behind the concept and the creator of the entire corporate identity for Reiseckers Eismanufaktur, a small regional ice cream manufacturer.

“The cubes are crafted in collaboration with Lebenshilfe, and the wooden spatulas are sourced from a local carpenter. The use of disposable paper packaging was a deliberate choice, as it boasts a lower CO2 footprint compared to alternatives like glass solutions. The hand-sealing process symbolizes the artistry that goes into making our ice cream. Organic, regional, and seasonal principles are of paramount importance to me, and these values are visually represented in our organic ice cream cubes,” he concludes. The production is always customized to individual customers. Depending on requirements, a final packaging is practical and sustainable at the same time.

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