Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Barcelona Packaging introduces next-gen cobots for enhanced efficiency and safety

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Barcelona Packaging Hub has introduced the latest advancements in collaborative robotics, showcasing the second generation of cobots designed for the packaging industry. These cobots have undergone notable enhancements in reach, payload capacity, and safety. They are capable of operating in larger work areas, handling heavier loads, and ensuring a secure environment for human interaction.

Barcelona Packaging Hub, a network of specialized companies in the packaging sector, stands out for its strong dedication to innovation and continual pursuit of global solutions in packaging and labeling systems. Recognizing the transformative potential of collaborative robots, the hub has invested in the development of designs with extended reach, increased payload capacity, and enhanced safety.

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Safety is a primary concern in the field of industrial robotics to prevent workplace accidents. By combining advanced technologies such as integrated vision systems and efficient movements, we can offer a secure and productive means of handling repetitive tasks in the packaging process.

To address this, OMRON, a technological partner of Barcelona Packaging Hub, has established a new department in Europe called Safety Services. This department conducts comprehensive analyses of cobots, their gripper systems, and the application environment for each project, ensuring their success.

Collaborative robotics has witnessed substantial technological advancements, optimizing the performance of complex tasks like case packing. However, market concerns persist regarding the lack of design flexibility.

In response, innovative solutions like OMRON’s MoMa mobile manipulator have been developed, combining mobile robots with an additional arm. This innovation has proven particularly useful in tasks such as collecting samples from various production lines, saving time for quality personnel.

Moreover, companies, especially in the food and pharmaceutical industries, face the challenge of producing sustainable, safe, and high-quality products. A gear leakage can lead to contamination and impact other production areas. To address this, OMRON has recently introduced the Cobot Food Grase Grease, which utilizes lubricants specially formulated to meet the strict requirements of the food industry. This solution not only ensures hygiene and safety but also offers resistance to common packaging materials, preventing contamination and preserving product integrity.

Overall, the second generation of collaborative robots represents a significant advancement in packaging and labeling automation. With their improved capabilities, cobots deliver enhanced performance, efficiency, and flexibility, enabling companies to optimize their processes and adapt to ever-changing market demands.

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