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Baddi’s Star Packaging buys Rhyguan Smart-330

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Star Packaging, located in Baddi, has recently invested in Rhyguan Smart-330, a cost-effective 100% offline inspection system equipped with a Luster camera, sourced from Flexo Image Graphics (FIG). Specializing in the production of corrugated boxes of various sizes and dimensions, Star Packaging utilizes different substrates and machinery in its manufacturing process.

FIG is a leading distributor and service provider of flexo presses and associated equipment in the Indian sub-continent with a broad installation base of Rhyguan offline inspection systems. Production facilities of many packaging companies across the length and breadth of India are now productively running Rhyguan machines from FIG, such as the Rhyguan Smart-330, one of the most demanded models among FIG customers.

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On its investment in the Rhyguan Smart-330, Manoj Kumar, owner of Star Packaging, says, “Our initial experience with the Rhyguan machine is its advanced features, setting it apart from other machines in its category. The automation and pneumatic control of the machine have significantly enhanced our precision and efficiency in all our post-press operations.”

He continues, “In fact, Rhyguan Smart-330 is a sturdy and efficient machine. This machine is considered as value for money for us. In a nutshell, we would like to simply explain this machine as one of the most economical post-press solutions we have ever owned to date. It’s economical, but its key features are on par with the highest international standards. Purchase of this machine from FIG is indeed a big milestone for us.”

In terms of additional features and technological advancements, the Rhyguan Smart-330 stands out. Its optical luster camera meticulously identifies and logs even the minutest defects through a rewinding process integrated into a data system. The machine effectively eliminates all detected defects using its PrintFlow Manager System, which collaborates seamlessly with the rewinder. Operating at a maximum speed of 300 m/min, the Rhyguan Smart-330 is expertly designed to handle unwinding and rewinding with a maximum diameter of up to 700 mm.

“Well, Rhyguan Smart-330’s highly proficient and advanced features eventually help our production team improve quality and efficiency in the overall post-press job. This machine makes us smarter than ever, impressing and serving our clients better than before. Supplied and installed by FIG, this groundbreaking Rhyguan machine currently running at our production facility so productively helps us handle any complex post-press job with ease,” mentions Kumar.

The production facility of Star Packaging is backed by a strong team of 20 well-trained staff and an array of highly advanced machines and equipment including the new Rhyguan Smart-330 from FIG.

FIG has a centralized ‘Customer Support Department’ to serve their customers pan-India from their main office in Delhi through branch offices in Mumbai and Chennai. In addition to Rhyguan, FIG is an authorized India distributor of an array of groundbreaking machines from other reputed international brands like Mark Andy, Rotoflex, Luster, Kluge, KDS Quantum, Presstek, etc.

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