Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Toyo Ink invests in Nilpeter FA-17 flexo press for ink testing excellence

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Representatives from Nilpeter, Screen GP and Toyo Ink after a successful FAT at Nilpeter in Denmark

Toyo Ink, a global player in the printing industry, has recently made a notable decision by investing in a new Nilpeter FA-17 flexo press. The decision is in line with Toyo Ink’s commitment to innovation and a strong requirement for highly developed technological solutions.

Uniquely, Toyo Ink is repurposing this advanced piece of technology, typically used for label printing and flexible packaging, to focus on testing and refining printing inks. This innovative approach underlines Toyo Ink’s dedication to high-quality standards and meticulous attention to detail.

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The press, ordered after a visit to the Nilpeter stand at Labelexpo Europe and a thorough Factory Acceptance Test at Nilpeter in Denmark has been specifically configured to fit Toyo Ink’s unique requirements. Noteworthy technical features include temperature-controlled ink chambers, allowing for precise control and measurement of ink properties

This strategic acquisition, facilitated by Nilpeter’s representative in Japan, Screen GP, reflects Toyo Ink’s proactive stance in partnering with other innovative companies within the global printing industry.

Peter Eriksen, COO of Nilpeter, said, “I am genuinely excited about our new partnership with Toyo Ink. It is not merely about delivering a printing press. This partnership is designed to create value for Toyo Ink, Nilpeter, and printing companies around the world. With this move, it is clear that both our companies are committed to improving and shaping the future of flexo.”

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