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Chinese firm Caihua installs 8-color Comexi CI8 offset press

Comexi, specialist in solutions for the flexible packaging industry, and Caihua, multinational company based in China, reinforce their strategic alliance. The Chinese firm has just acquired a new Comexi CI8 offset press which joins the rest of Comexi’s laminators and slitters that the firm has at its headquarters located in Kunshan, Suzhou, near Shanghai, in China.

Through this new acquisition, the firm strengthens its confidence in Comexi and makes a qualitative leap, differentiating itself from its competition and betting on short runs, speed of production and immediate delivery; taking advantage of the innovations offered by this efficient and sustainable technology. This is Caihua’s first offset printing press, the only printing technology that works with the same quality as rotogravure technology. Also, with this press, the multinational company is convinced to revolutionize China’s flexible packaging industry.

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[quote style=’2′ cite=”]Caihua has invested in introducing Comexi CI8 technology following the government latest economic transformation and policy upgrading in China. These past years, the Chinese government has been encouraging enterprises to invest in the protection of the environment, focusing in saving energy and reducing consumption, decreasing CO2 emissions, improving the production efficiency and promoting industrial 4.0 technologies or equipment. Especially since 2015, the Chinese government has imposed strict controls of VOCs emissions; therefore newly introduction of Comexi CI8 in Caihua will greatly promote the transformation of China’s flexible packaging industry.[/quote]

Caihua is a multinational company that disposes of different facilities in Japan, United States of America and Canada. It is recognized as one of the leading technology companies in the production and lamination of all type of materials for the flexible packaging industry and, currently, is among some of the main companies in Asia. Its products are widely used in the pharmaceutical, agriculture, electronics and food fields.

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Three years ago, Caihua acquired three other Comexi machines that have helped them to boost its efficiency and effectiveness. With this new installation, Comexi strengthens its presence and expansion in the Asian continent where the group has installed hundreds of machines in the last 10 years.

Comexi CI8
Comexi’s CI8 offset press provides maximum flexibility in the production process, allowing a very short time-to-market due to its agile prepress system. It is characterized for the use of lithographic plates, with an approximate saving of 95% compared to photopolymers or engraved cylinders used in traditional flexography or gravure technologies.

Besides, Comexi’s offset technology is capable of generating significant savings due to its quick creation of plates, which can be made in the same customers’ facilities. Moreover, this innovative press replaces solvent inks for EB curing technology, which allows use of solventless inks.

This press prints in 8 colors with a band width of 900 mm (35.4 in) to 1.100 mm (43.3 in) and a maximum speed of 300 m/min (984.2 ft/min). Its high print quality and quick-change capability along with the low costs in producing the plates are some of the main elements that characterize this innovative press. In the last years, the number of commands of this printing technology has doubled and is continuously growing, especially in Asian countries.

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